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Why I Decided to Leave Consoles Behind.. My Journey into Being a Generational Gamer..

Hullo   So..    Q: What IS a Generational Gamer?   A: Someone familiar with console generations and console gaming, but has left it behind in pursuit of PC gaming.   This was me and a lot of other people when around that time (2010) people starting thinking:     What's wrong with consoles?.. well nothing really, they do what they say they will.   But then.. I would prefer to save a lot of money with a DIY solution for my gaming and not


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How to Fix WMP Metadata Services in XP, Vista and 7 if You Want to Do That for Some Reason

If you're like me, you might remember July of 2019, when Microsoft discontinued their fai[dot]metaservices[dot]com metadata provider for Windows Media Player, and only added a replacement service on Windows 8.1 and 10. This came as a tremendous shock to me, because the resulting uproar was how I found out people still used WMP. Since then, several people have discovered a workaround, which is effective in almost every way, aside from one thing I'll answer at the very end because that's how blog

The Rant - Part 3

"I don't want to spend over $200"   Ok.  Well do you like visiting the chiropractor?  No?  Then stop being a goddamn cheapskate.  I know what your setup looks like.  How about you stop buying 9000 different varieties of useless, fugly painted plastic that is funco-pop--and spend the money on something that you will actually PHYSICALLY be in contact with on a daily basis?  Do you also like sleeping on a fouton instead of a bed?  Or a cot instead of a proper mattress?  Tell you what, whi


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The Rant - Part 2

"4k isn't even useful until you are at 55" or bigger, and 8k is practically useless"   ^These are the words of an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.  Go on and quote me all your factbabble about "Arc seconds/minutes/degrees of the human eye" and all that fluff.  You're an idiot if you believe that shit matters to decipher any meaningful data for the average user.  No two people will ever perceive a setup the exact same way, and no two will ever have exactly the same pre


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The rant - Part 1

"Picking out a monitor based on your GPU means you have gone full retard."   There, I said it.  Back in the glory-days of "CRT, only CRT, and nothing but CRT, so help me god"--you didn't have the false gods of refresh rate.  You didn't have the idolatry of HDR.  You slapped whatever GPU you could afford into your rig, and prayed you got over 20 FPS.  You'd ping resolution as high as it would go--and hope it stayed playable.  30fps was a pipe-dream in many cases.  Nobody cared about mon


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A post about my computer

As a Gen Z, it seems like I'm required to make my whole life revolve around one thing, to the point of insanity and well beyond. That's why if you search "Acer Aspire T180", you'll find that the amount of posts mentioning this Vista-era mini-tower has essentially doubled since the day I joined the forums.   Why do I love a PC made nearly 2 decades ago by a system integrator known for their poor build quality so much? Can you still live with a computer from the days when people hadn't e

1st post

Hi everyone! I'm officially behind the times by about 15 years now. I don't care how 2007 it is to have a blog, I'm doing it. Due to my lack of creativity, I chose a name that clearly isn't infringing on the name of any other blogs. I'm also not sure how often I'll post on here, but I'm aiming to do so 3-4 times a week, and have recurring series on things. Think of it as LGR in (poorly) written form, I guess. EDIT: I've changed the name to something that's clearly far more unique and origin


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A Daydream PC Client for Nintendo Games.. or Team Rocket does a Valve..

Hi WWW   I have been thinking about this off and on for around a week now, and had a client idea (who didn't? am I right?) for Nintendo games on PC years ago.. now I just want it out of my head.   Nintendo don't have any juicy slice of the PC market.. even Sony do now, with their games for sale on the Epic client (yay Sony!) I've even bought a few. quite a few hehe. This is because of the culture of 'Generational Gamers' .. they are gamers who came from the console generation


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bootable windows setup usb on linux , that is capable of  booting in EFI mode and with secureboot enabled

making a bootable windows setup usb on linux , that is capable of  booting in EFI mode and with secureboot enabled :   01. Connect your USB Flash drive. Please note that you will be erasing all the data on it. 02. Open a disk manament app capable of setting efi guids (cgdisk gdisk parted ,...). 03. Delete all partitions on the USB drive 04. Create a new, 1GB partition and give it a GUID for ESP (EF00 in gdisk). and NAME it "ESP" (this will be  its partlabel) 05. Create a second

first entry linux programs and tools i wish i had known about 10 years ago

Commandline: ccat : a colorized version of cat  use : $cat /etc/fstab # flags = --bg="dark" # has nice feature to output html with --html=true $sensors | ccat --bg="dark" # reading from stdin # notes : to be usefull you should put it as an alias in your ~/.bashrc (or your aliases.bashrc): alias ccat="ccat --bg='dark' -G Decimal='*green*' -G Keyword='blue' -G Punctuation='*yellow*' -G Plaintext='reset' -G String='brown' -G Type='*white*' -G Literal='fuchsia'" $mic

Part 2: The Teardown

I used my iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit and the official iFixit Teardown Guide to take apart the PS3.   I put a PET Recycling bag on the floor in my room to catch all of the dust and most importantly the disgusting brown smoking debris. I had the Window open all the time and wore Latex gloves in the whole process. I cleaned my iFixit tools afterwards with Alcohol screen wipes. It took me around 2 hours to take the Console completely apart as I had to take breaks to conduct the Guide and make

Information.. Part Two: 4 years laters or ... Samsung are Evil

(originally posted on the FTR blog on: Sunday, 1 April 2018)   Hi WWW Original 'Information Part 1'  24/May/2014:   -------------------------------- I want to revisit the topic of Information and privacy policies. Why is it important for companies to NOT have access to your information? Simply because they can share that information with people you would consider strangers, even intimate


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Dava's Hitchhiker's Guide to Digital Information.. or the Magratheans get iTunes..

(originally posted on the FTR blog on: Saturday, 4 July 2015)   [I hope you enjoy this lighthearted look at the modernization of transferring data. now please imagine hitchhiker's guide voice in your head for the remainder of the article*] Sometime around 1900's of 'Earth', the transfugulation of the Betelgeusians, and Slartibartfast's 'Memoirs of Triumphant Galacticism'  book-signing, the primarily ape-like species of 'earth' realized inform

Dava's Hitchhiker's Guide to 'End of Life' ..so long and thanks for all the chips!

(originally posted on the FTR blog on: Friday, 29 August 2014)   [Here is a lighthearted look at 'End Of Life' known also as EOL, when a product moves from the support phase to a coffin somewhere in the ethernets of a Skyrim graveyard.. or no longer supported by the manufacturing company, while this is not always the worst thing ever to have happened in existence.. try paying £4000-12000 for a MacPro and tell me in 6-10 years if you feel like having a little cr

Dava's Hitchhiker's Guide to Operating Systems ..BYOBF (bring your own babelfish!)

(originally posted on the FTR blog on: Monday, 12 May 2014)   [I hope you enjoy this lighthearted look at operating systems. now please imagine hitchhiker's guide voice in your head for the remainder of the article*] Far Far Away, long long ago in the awaking land that is the 1950's people got bored, and without the internet and iPhones and interstellar travel, it's easy to see why.. they wondered 'wouldn't it be nifty if this calculator thingy did somet

Dava's Hitchhiker's Guide to Computers. ..bring a towel..

(Originally posted in the FTR FB group on : 29 November 2013) Hi guys we've had a little influx of members new to building so.. as you do.. I thought I'd share some info. My speciality is Operating Systems. (I hope Rob does one of these on networking, he was a network admin a few years back as you might already know). I VBoxed for many years as it was a hobby of mine, not done it now since 2011 but i keep a hand in reading up about OS's from time to time. but in that

A Tree! A Rock! A Bush! 20 Answers on the misconceptions of distance in games

(originally posted on the FTR blog on: Sunday, 27 July 2014)   Hi Guys, In my journey of understanding.. learning much more about pixel counts and how much of a gaff I made about how many pixels my TV could *actually* do.. I learned this: 1.the measurement for textures vs distance in 1080 is wildly wrong. 2. the closer you get to a rock/object the sharper, NOT vaguer, the object should be. 3. Downsampling exists, even though I fou


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SSD and Drive Capacities .. or the King has no Clothes..

(Originally posted on the FTR blog on: Friday, 3 August 2018)   Hi I'm Dava, I have been blogging about tech for around 10 years for a hobby. I started blogging on ZDNet UK then moved to Overclock.net, which I am proud to say, one of my articles (2012) caused a minor stir in the industry: Realworld Performance and What It Means to You… I'd like to draw attention to something that I hope you too will feel passionate about.. Over the

Refresh Rates CheatSheet for 4K TVs

(originally posted on the FTR blog on: Monday, 4 March 2019)     Hi Time to dump a load of info here: Increased Refresh                                             Increased Resolution ----------------------                                                -------------------------- 4K/60hz =                                                        4K/60hz = 1080 @ 240hz