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Dr Dre Beats Solo

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I had a pair of Solo HDs and I'll admit I did like how they sounded with rap music. I'm a bit of a bass head so really liked the sound....


Until the head band snapped three weeks later.

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Until the head band snapped three weeks later.

Excellent build quality right there! :lol:  I hope you were able to get a refund, or a replacement at the very least.

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Bahahaha that is hilarious is this a legit ad?


:( quick google search tells me probably not. 




looks legit though. 

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I remember when a mate proudly slapped his new Beats over my ears telling me to blast them, they're the best of the best, real expensive. Needless to say I was underwhelmed


    I see your 13 now too, Lanoi

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I used to think beats were awesome...


Until I tried a different pair of $200 headphones.

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