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  1. Two things spring to mind. 1. Holy crap, that's a serious rat's nest in there. 2. Small form factor my rusty sheriff's badge.
  2. That case honks more than a goose about to have its neck wrung for Xmas.
  3. The orange peel on the paint needs to be addressed. The cutting of the drive cages is pissed and needs to be sorted out. Nice cabling and I quite like the SSDs.
  4. And it's done First up I found the cable I needed. Cut off all but one. Joined the OEM SATA cable to the blue one I bought. The drive.. And fitted. And you may have noticed I have fitted some cable combs.
  5. Right, one PCI SSD holder. So I should be able to display that lovely blue SSD
  6. You've missed the point dude. See the silver part on the end? I will be removing that and bolting a piece of 5mm acrylic to it and making a holder for an SSD. There will be no fan. I just got done digging and found an old SATA card so I used the back plate off of that. Just keep an eye on the thread and you'll see it come alive
  7. Update ! things have gone quiet due to personal issues but that doesn't mean I'm not planning things I wanted a largish PCIE SSD but they are expensive. The Intel 750 400gb is around £320 and I didn't really want to be paying that just to store my games on. So it's time to think out of the box a little. I've ordered this and have it ghetto fitted to the PC ATM. It's a 480gb. I have also ordered this (don't laugh !) And plan to remove the end PCIE plate. This will give me the opportunity to drill holes through it and mount an acrylic board that will hold that lovely b
  8. That depends. These new PCIE drives come in two flavours. One fits into your board into a physical slot and the other uses a proprietary connector, separate to the PCIE slots. I'm calling troll on this until we see some evidence.
  9. Frank Sinatra day.....

  10. haha I've got a few dude. They're Living Dead dolls. It usually sits on top of the rig but I moved it
  11. Power supply now fitted. Next up - paint the PCI back plates and get another Fury...
  12. The whole thing it would seem.
  13. OK going back to your post. This isn't a Dell. If you take a look closely at the case you see this. Ring any bells? MSI. Then you go into the overclocking software. And. And my daily overclock, with a little Realbench 2.41. 4.4ghz 24/7 stable out of a 5820k. I'm really not sure what more you could ask for. Any way, I got all of the new cooling fitted. It's a little noisier than before but nothing bad. It doesn't have that horrible whirr when the PC starts any more either which is nice. Apologies for using flash, it's a dark day here on the South
  14. Yawn. I've heard it all before, mate.
  15. It's just luck, dude. I don't have any. Even this PC (the Triad Alienware) has terrible coil whine from the PSU. When I had the two Titan Black in there it literally used to buzz so loud the desk vibrated.
  16. Update ! the postman has been, now I have a few parts.
  17. I'm sure I will come up with something
  18. Not possible. It'll either be side on or side off.. There's no way I am cutting into the case I made that mistake before. I guess it would be possible to get a piece of acrylic and cut that and make a window but yeah, certainly not going to touch the side panels. The big issue is how the lights are laid out. There's pretty much nowhere to cut a window.
  19. Thanks chap. Yeah she's gorgeous but whoever designed the inside should be slapped. It's really messy in there...
  20. I did some more today. OK, so if I follow the PSU I get a molex connector here for "ODD" whatever that means. Now this molex then splits and goes off to the other side of the case for what I assume to be the IO board. However, split molex are fugly so I decided to rewire the PSU when it arrives so there are two correctly sized molex runs. One for "ODD" and one for the IO board. Here is the first one here. Note - I have already ordered a couple of male MOLEX connectors so that I can replace the white ones. So I took an old loom from a PSU and cut some wires with the connectors on. Remo
  21. Update. So whilst looking at the bionic fans I noticed this. Hmm.. That looks kinda familiar ! I then realised that it was a rebranded one of these, that I used in restoring Mrs Alien's Alienware. Here it is in action missing the rubber shroud (I used that elsewhere). Want to know what's funny? Powercool charge £12 each for their fans. I just got five of them (pics). For £5 each. So basically I was going to pay £12 each for the bionics plus £5 each for the gaskets so £17 each. I paid £5. That, my friends, is what you call a massive branding price hi