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  • Birthday Jun 29, 1996

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    Dublin, Ireland
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    computers, airplanes and aviation and airplanes and aer lingus, oh and not to forget AIRPLANESSSSS!
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    I enjoy building stuff and metalwork i also like hardcore modding computer cases
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    Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME)
  1. is there many AvGeeks on here? just curious as im crazy about aviation and was wondering if there are many other people like me! if you are post below about it; for example how did you get into it? do you plan to work or do you work in aviation? Favorite Aircraft and/or airlines? Me; im into aviation since i was around 2, every weekend was spent at the back of the airport with my dad watching the airplanes land and takeoff for 10 hours of the day. as i grew up i got more and more fond of aviation and now, its all i eat, sleep, think and do all my life i've wanted to work in a
  2. "To most people, the sky is the limit. To those who love aviation, the sky is home" my favorite quote of all time
  3. so i had windows 10, but didint like it. i decided to downgrade to windows 7 but before i done that i got a 20gb hdd and moved some important files to it so i could do a fresh install and keep some files, when i plugged the hdd out everything looked fine and after i installed windows 7 i plugged the hdd back in and now everything looks weird and i keep getting and syntax incorrect error, heres a picture: really need some help as the files are important to me thanks
  4. isnt it just great when you spend your whole day fixing VBV's on an a320 in the middle of a heavy rain shower /sarcasm

  5. this is one of the single greatest GIFs my little eyes have ever seen ahahaha
  6. im not sure if i entered! my favorite is the case because of its look. i love plain black cases without all the fancy bells and whistles
  7. Aircraft Engineer!....heres a little pic
  8. i mostly listen to any kind of dance.......but if a song is good i will listen to it
  9. its pretty much the same the only real difference is better looking hardware and cases with a ton more cable management
  10. about 1-1.5 years old because my dad is big into computers and building his own PC's and id say by the time i was 3 i could pretty much understand the innerworkings
  11. been a supporter of Linus from nearly the very start......subscribed to ncix since NCIX tech tips #8 and i subscribed to Linus' channel on the very first video and every time i have changed accounts etc its the first person i sub to....been on the forum from pretty much the very start and i love it here.........in my opinion LMG/LTT is without a doubt the best youtube channel out there and i cant wait to see what happens in the future as LMG continues to grow! and i hope i win something
  12. So this year will be my first year in college and i will be studying Mechanical Engineering. I was told by a few people who done the same subject that i will need a laptop for CAD and various other programs. the problem is i have never had a laptop so im kinda new to the laptop universe and i dont know how much power there CAD and 3D printing programs will need. so i need some help i have already been looking at a few laptops which seems to be good but there are so many different ones its hard to find the best. Can anybody recommend a good laptop for an engineering student? Im lookin
  13. damn....its hard to choose a favortite Favorite TechQuickie Video: Favorite JayzTwoCents Video: Would be super nice to win.....planning on building a PC and this would Be a Massive Massive Chunk off the cost.
  14. that screen is just stunning in my opinion i love the way it looks kinda like a printed page would be so awesome to win this