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I am looking to build a NAS using Unraid to run Plex and a Windows 10 VM for Steam Link/In-home-streaming. I have a main gaming PC but my family wants to play games on their laptops/phones occasionally. Setting up a gaming VM seems like a good solution and/or fun project. The 2.5 drive cage will be added later on, once I need additional drive space. I have left storage drives left off the list because I plan to shuck external drives as they go on sale over time.


My main questions are related to the LSI raid card. I have done a bit of research and it seems that this plays well with Unraid but I am new to this kind of hardware.

Will the NH-U12 be enough cooling for the Ryzen 7 effectively?

Also, is there a better value GPU besides the GT710? It will only be needed for the Unraid GUI so it doesn't need to be super powerful.


PCPartPicker link 



Ryzen 7 2700

16GB DDR4 (more to be added as needed)


XRX RX480 (left over from upgrading my gaming PC)

GT 710 (for the Unraid GUI)

650W Semi-Modular PSU

Samsung 860 PRO SSD (for cache)

LSI 9211-8I HBA/RAID Card

Mini SAS to SATA cables

CS380B Case


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