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  1. Right. And the China stuff truly is into meme territory.
  2. DC couldn't agree the Sky is Blue, but they all agree on hitting Chinese Tech companies. It's been something I've been mentioning since the Huawei stuff first got started, and it's really hard to impress upon non-Americans that the agreement in DC on the topic is startling. But the other problem is that the "official" reasoning and the "blatantly obvious there is more going on" reasoning are pretty far apart. As a result, no one is really sure what's caused it. The best information I've seen puts the change in approach as a result of analysis of the OPM Hack of 2015. A lot of discu
  3. I've updated my assumption: I think Chinese Intelligence must have somehow gotten lewds of half of DC. It's about the only reason I can work out for the iron-clad agreement in DC about action against Chinese tech.
  4. AMD will still be Wafer constrained. Kind of nuts how much capacity AMD is using now.
  5. It looks like Intel basically cleaned house at the top. That seems like what Bob's real job was. The TSMC-US Government deal has to be understood in this context. Intel is a massive Government/Military contractor & Nodes are Strategic Assets. There were a lot of big players very pissed at Intel being a mess. It's nice to see them getting into some sort of proper direction.
  6. A non-engineer can do it, but Otellini wasn't some MBA from a venture capital group. He worked his way up within Intel's structure overseeing engineers. His entire business experience was really making processors at Intel. Engineering is, at the end of the day, a hard but learnable skill. The issue is you can't just learn some of this stuff in a couple of weeks. It's years of being involved with it all that are necessary. That's the real problem when you put someone from Finance over an Engineering company. They can too easily get snowballed on technical aspects along with losing f
  7. The Zen1/Zen2 4c CCX design isn't that difficult from a Scheduler point of view. Took MS 3 major updates to Windows to get it somewhat fixed. And it still has issues with something like the big TR parts. Yeah, my worry is actually Windows 10 more than the design not working.
  8. Depends how badly Windows handles it. That's actually the biggest issue. Though the stuff around Bulldozer was such, it probably was best described as a 12-core with terrible pipeline collisions, lol.
  9. I still foresee Intel Legal having nightmares for months about how they're going to do the PR on this.
  10. This is good to see. The problem with EVs is the Hype Train Effect. EV is useful technology and has been for over a century. However, technologies are only good when they're applied properly and we're still too close to the range of screwing up EVs like Solar is still recovering from. (Solar is great, it just isn't baseload. Somewhere north of 100 billion in government funds, globally, we're wasted in the direction. I highly recommend anyone in a climate that allows for it to have Solar Panels + Battery system.) And the big, screaming place where EVs makes the most sense is Local Haul. Sub-150
  11. The backported design might not be quite as good in RDR2. Some games have some really finely tuned optimizations that don't necessarily carry over. Also, RDR2 performance is a little wonky in general, so they could have easily had issues getting it to perform better.
  12. 7 games, and we know Intel & benchmarks, so some quick thoughts. Total War (older version), Metro, Gears 5 and Far Cry still favor Intel SoCs even with Zen3 out. Mostly because they favor higher clocks, especially Far Cry & Total War. Cyberpunk completely matters about where you test it, so they can easily find a spot that would favor them over AMD. Watch Dog Legion & Assassin's Creed Valhalla both favor AMD GPUs, so a 3080 should be inducing an early bottleneck allowing for cherrypicking benchmark locations.
  13. Use data presented, yes. Use it in Court, 90% unlikely. It can be done, see the Dread Pirate Roberts case, but it takes some serious work on the Prosecutor's side to accomplish. They almost rarely won't do that amount of work. (In the Dread Pirate Roberts case, they had a FBI employee that scammed a huge supply of Bitcoins during the case, so he got a bunch of data illegally in the process.) As to the topic, somewhere around the 10 Gb range, this stops being "research" and became an attack surface discovery & exploitation. The only groups that have the type of use for that much
  14. Part of me thinks any autonomous driving system in China would park itself in a garage and refuse to leave, having concluded that was the only viably safe option. lol But they're late, unless it's basically just a Geely brand. Even in the "cut every corner" version of Chinese tech, a car design takes 3-4 years from scratch. Even a retro-fit approach is still 2 years of work. Then there's the entire issues of manufacturing, supply, distribution, customer support, sales and everything that's been refined over the last 100 years in the automotive industry. What tends to b