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  1. An intelligence agency could log at the intercept points of the nodes. I don't see this as that big of an issue. It's more that a questionable use of the Swiss Laws happened that should be more of a worry.
  2. It gets really fun when you ask why "Money Laundering" is a crime.
  3. The "War on Cash" is very real, though it's not really about Control. That's a side product. It's really about moving the profit from currency movement from everyone to the pockets of those that control the Banks. It's actually surprisingly petty why it's happened.
  4. There's an angle about "why Biometrics are actually bad for security" that gets reflected in this. Yes, it may be less things to carry, but you also now have a single point of failure introduced into the lives of a lot of people. A lost or stolen phone is now a massive problem.
  5. The Slippery Slope is now a proof statement, if you can align the assumptions properly, considering Power Grabbers are Power Grabbers and will lie about anything for it. (Insert favorite quote from any Political Philosopher in the last 3000 years.) Thus what also matters is the reaction and the counter-forces. In this case, I really doubt they'll want to go down the route of mandating. Why? Well, between vote fraud & illegal immigration, I can see a lot of uses for the technology that doesn't favor those that want to grab power. Rather, it might cost them some. As a result, whi
  6. Considering it's being used to pump up the values of collective investment vehicles, it'll eventually get the SEC and FTC's attention. Two things from the video (since I saw it a few days ago): 1) this is driving up prices for non-collection "grade" products and 2) Karl avoided the issues that exist around money laundering but do seem present in all of this. That's a fairly serious charge but also one that takes forensic accounting to prove, so it's best to hold off on putting that forward. We can chat about it, but in an official presentation form, it's a riskier issue. (Also, if
  7. It's honestly a pretty dang clever scheme, honestly. Considering Twitter is currently advertising the "buy a part of a piece of art" stuff, it's clear there's business there.
  8. I do love Karl's intro. It's a different take on inviting the viewer in, but it works. As for what's going on, someone is trying to make a speculative bubble. If you do it right, you can make a killing and get out with only minor civil liabilities.
  9. There's also something like 5000 years of uranium you can leech out of the oceans, you don't even have to mine the stuff, either. And leeching it out of the ocean might not be a bad idea either.
  10. Yes, I'm aware of modern blast furnace practices, weirdly enough. What I'm saying is that Steel was produced long before the introduction of Coal as the fuel source. They used charcoal, which is obviously wood-based fuels. And, before that, steel could actually be made with Wood & Wind power. Technically, this is less "Green" than 10th Century India was doing. That's why I suggested a different title.
  11. The actual answer is because it works too well, which meant it is a threat to every other major energy sector. Nuclear power also requires the most dedicated support, so it's not easy to export/encourage others to use. As a result, we've missed out on about 40 years of R&D. (i.e. an actual solution to nuclear waste.) The reason why "Green" Energy is popular, aside from the vanity benefits, is that it isn't Baseload, minus a few small places. It's inconsistent, so it actually means more demand for hydrocarbon-based fuels. It's not all about Money, but if you follow the Money it
  12. Hydrogen, because of its natural high reactivity, is simply an Energy Storage medium. The power of "fossil fuels" is almost all of them are stable at human temperatures and 1 Atmosphere of pressure. As a result, Hydrogen will always need some sort of generation. That's still the problem. Hydrogen makes a LOT of sense to switch to for your "gasoline replacement" applications, if you can generate it efficiently. That's where you need Fusion. Fusion opens up mass scale desalinization & hydrogen power. It's the lowest hanging fruit to really change the landscape for energy product
  13. I missed this thread earlier. I think the title should be changed. It's not like Steel hasn't been made with wood-fired furnaces for several hundred years. "First Hydrogen-based Steel produced" or something.
  14. "It is purely hypocritical, but there are interests and factions that want to keep certain segments separated because it serves their interests. " There's a reason I put that line in there. They simply want them "out of the club". You'll have to do a lot of off-site reading to get an understanding of why that's useful to the big players. Note: Banking is, by far, the most powerful faction in nearly all countries. It means you're playing with the big boys when you're dealing with them.