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Help me with Purchasing a New Monitor


Hi everyone,


Thought I join the other 10000+ people who are looking for a new monitor. :D :D


Jokes aside, I'm in the market for a new monitor I would like to get your inputs as well. I'm planning on getting this from China and I can do some online research based on your recommendations. My requirements are as followed;


Size: 32 inch (that's a must)

Using for: media consumption - 60%, gaming - 30% and graphic designing work - 10%

Resolution: 2k

Refresh Rate: can be anything

Panel: prefer a IPS or a VA. I heard that the color reproduction in TN are bad and I love my colors

Budget: USD 250 - 350

The monitor doesn't necessarily have to be a gaming monitor but I like something pretty. :)


Currently I have these two option in my mind;




Any and all help are appreciated.



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