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  1. Hi everyone, Hope you'll are staying safe out there. So I work as a graphic designer for a publication house and I'm trying to buy a new monitor for my office work. After doing some research, I came across Asus ProArt PA27AC which seem to be in the sweet spot on features and price. I just want to know if you'll have any experience working with this monitor. Especially color correction work as this monitor will mainly be used for that purpose. Also one big reason that I chose this because it is said to be supporting Adobe RGB (at least in some websites). I'm a bit confused on that
  2. I might try and see what happens with a Display Port cable. If that didn't work out, does that mean that this is only a 8bpc monitor??
  3. Hi, I tried doing that too. But I don't see any option for 10bpc. Only the 8bpc is available...
  4. Hi everyone, So I bought a Viewsonic VX3276-2k-mhd monitor which supports 10bit color(at least that's what it says on the website). I'm trying to use 10bit color on the monitor but I'm having trouble doing that. When I searched online, a lot of topics are saying that I can enable it on the nVidia control panel but the options these topics are mentioning are greyed out on my control panel. I'm using a Gigabyte GTX 1070. I'm using a HDMI cable to connect the monitor to the PC. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
  5. I can't exact about the room temperature but I would say it's in the high twenties. It's warm and I'm not wearing a shirt. Temps just before posting this is attached. Now it's in the mid 50s Thank you sir for pointing me to Cinebench. Downloading and going to run it.
  6. Thank you for the quick reply. I'm thinking of running Rise of Tomb Raider at 2k resolution on Very High settings while HWMonitor running in the background. Will that be a good way to stress the system and get some temp readings under load? I don't want to download big benchmarking tools because I won't be checking my system stats frequently and I'm planning to replace the stock cooler tomorrow so just need some numbers to compare.
  7. Hi everyone, I installed CPUID HWMonitor and these are the temperatures shown in the first few minutes.(see the highlighted) The CPU Temps are in the high 60s and this is without any gaming or heavy load(browsing the web at the moment of capture). My GPU is at 42C. Just wondering if this is normal temps for a i5 8400. My Specs are, i5 8400 with stock Intel cooler Asus Prime Z370-A Mobo Gigabyte GTX 1070 G1 Gaming 16GB RAM Noob here doing system testing for the first time so any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.
  8. I'm sure many would go bananas if that was for real. Anyways it a great build man. Hats off to you sir for doing something this difficult as your first build.
  9. Hi everyone, Thought I join the other 10000+ people who are looking for a new monitor. Jokes aside, I'm in the market for a new monitor I would like to get your inputs as well. I'm planning on getting this from China and I can do some online research based on your recommendations. My requirements are as followed; Size: 32 inch (that's a must) Using for: media consumption - 60%, gaming - 30% and graphic designing work - 10% Resolution: 2k Refresh Rate: can be anything Panel: prefer a IPS or a VA. I heard that the color reproduction in TN
  10. fair enough. I anyway have a Cryorig C7 on hand but this looks far better with the RGB lighting (yes I'm one of those RGB loving people ).
  11. well as long as it performs better than an intel stock cooler :D. For me it looked a bit more like an AMD stock cooler. The price is very cheap since its on sale. Just on the fence to see if I want one or not.
  12. Hi Everyone, Has anyone used or seen this product? It's got all the bells and whistles and Aura Sync (which is not mentioned in the Aura Sync website BTW). Any thoughts? Thanks. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Aigo-darkflash-shadow-TOP-FLOW-CPU-Cooler-AURA-SYNC-TDP-280W-PWM-4pin-Double-Ring-LED/32933648216.html?spm=a2g01.12009127.best-value.130.143459bbRwRdjz&gps-id=5774313&scm=1007.14772.117344.0&scm_id=1007.14772.117344.0&scm-url=1007.14772.117344.0&pvid=fbafb245-9513-490d-b123-ae3e0e024232
  13. @Jurrunio, @CUDAcores89, @Mooshi, Thank you all for the replies. Now that I know that rubbing alcohol and surgical spirit are the same, I'll take a look around local pharmacies to find one with high concentration. @CUDAcores89, seeing my computer or any of it's parts near water or a tap will give my mom a heart attack so no go for the tap water Thank you all for the replies.
  14. Thank you for your reply. Is rubbing alcohol and surgical spirit(stuff used to clean wounds) the same?