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An introduction of A4 case (Maybe?)


Long story to tell,this is maybe like a review of this case,so,I would have lots of word to describe

First of all,allow me to explain about this case(it comes from taobao)

geeek have offer 4 kinds of itx case:

A20(for 190mm GPU, flex power supply,cpu cooler height was limited to 65mm)

A35(for 235mm GPU, flex power supply,cpu cooler height was limited to 50mm)

A50(for reference card,normal sfx/sfx-l power supply,cpu cooler height was limited to 65mm)

A50X(for reference card,normal sfx/sfx-l power supply,support 240mm AIO)

Same feature:you have to pay an extra money on ADT,that is about 20 USD

But I just bought the A50,so this is the case we gonna talk about:

We could only see a power button amd usb3.0 on the front,so,back side of the motherboard usb port maybe use more frequency

The two HDD/sata 2.5SSD space is quite a compromise for this case,may effect on your case airflow

At the top you can pile in 2*90mm fan,15mm thick,but i did not because i have not do more cable management

The size is 210*330*140mm,that is about 9.7L,not quite smaller than dan case A4 sfx,but you have to know that dan case only compatibility of an 47mm cpu cooler like cryorig C7 or 92mm AIO like asetec 545 lc

(the gpu size is 305*132*45mm,this is the thing i have to mention,but,it can fit in my xfx vega 56,so,make sure your gigantic card is suitable for the case before you buy it)

Both the side panel,top,and bottom using plastic,and make very light as a empty box,but, i guess i could mention about the price

It cost about 50 US DOLLAR(350 RMB),that is really sweet for an itx player,especially the itx compoment is more expensive than the ATX/MATX build(normally)

However,let me explain other reason that you may not buy it:you have to build by yourself,the worse thing is the specification is on the salers pages,printed by chinese,which will is not easy for non-Chinese-speaking families to understand the context,which is unfortunate

So conclusion:this is a price sweet case,but you have to do it for yourself,you may need to do a long time shipment to your area,that may weaken the advantage of the price,please make a better consideration

and someone may ask:dude,why do introduce suck a rarely heard case for most of the guys

I do know there is few itx player,even your first build may not took a glance on itx build,but I truly get addicted in it,my first video that catch my eye sight is linus make a powerful build on sliverstone sg13b(actually,i had saw the review of sliverstone RVZ01 also from linus),and then,paul's hardware,bitwit,jaystwocents,hardwarecanucks,etc,i just get into the trap of itx build and can't get out

on to my point:there is more itx case than you expect in china taobao like sunmilo T03,cube X1,micro V5,ZS A4 sfx,frisk MK2,Ultra civiliz A4 case,and more,I just hoping that itx case will be a hot discussion in future(too bad for the reality situations)

Anyway,if someone could glance over this discussion,I would be really appreciate for him/her.






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