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gpu and components compatibility/drivers/bios

hi guys i am new to pc building so need some questions answered. so i have already put a post up on what parts to get and i think they are compatible. if have read alot of complaints about the motherboard im buying asus strix b350-f about how little ram it supports i have picked to get some vengeance lpx 3000mhz 8gb ddr4 c15 xmp this is on the motherboard qvl but i wanted to ask for security reasons if this will work for definite. one of the other things i dont understand is about the gpu drivers and if this gpu will work with the motherboard i have picked the gigabyte radeon rx 580 gaming will the motherboard and gpu work together, also about the gpu when i went to look at the drivers on the gigabyte website i saw 3 bios drivers and 2 utility drivers and ovs the regular driver what are the bios updates and should instal them and do i need them?image.thumb.png.dcabd2df5718b6437c9786cdfc50ec12.png   image.thumb.png.8755632911b3e91e13222318fecd22c5.pngimage.thumb.png.e95390252525c6a1d9d25097135c7285.png

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as long as the ram is the right DDR for the motherboard, it should work. as for the gpu, yeah all standard modern gpus work with all modern motherboards

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