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Freenas no metadata with plex/no available plugins any more


I recently moved my freenas setup to a vm because of the terrible performance loss from bhyve when using windows. Ever since I've been having trouble with my plex plugin.  At first I just couldn't get any metadata and now the whole plugin section of freenas isn't responding.  I am able to download and create a plex jail and can access the plex giu if I use freenas 11.2 new gui.  However I am stuck in that case at the no metadata, in addition to not being able to use dhcp for the setup process.  If I try to use dhcp I just get an error message and no error if I set up a static IP.  With no luck for the metadata part and the messed up dhcp I decided to try the legacy freenas gui, with even worse luck.  When I open the plugins tab all it says is "No available plugins services".  I have checked the gateway and added and to the nameservers with no luck.  I can check for updates and ping services without an issue, so my vm is getting an internet signal.

Any ideas what's happening?

ESXI 6.7
Freenas 11.2
2X xeon 2670
Asus Z9PA-D8
128gb ddr3 ecc ram
norco 4224 chassis
intel X550-T2 NIC
Intel RES2SV240
LSI 9240-8i (flahed to 9211-8i it mode)
6 8TB WD white hdd's
6 10TB WD white hdd's
3 Samsung ssd's

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Edit, I just saw that 11.2 legacy doesn't support.  I still have the issue with plex not loading metadata.  Additionally I noticed if I have a vpn running on my windows machine, the videos take a long time to load, unlike before the change.

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