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Home theater Speakers..R620F vs S55


Hello all,


At my local best buy, they have the Klipsch R620F and the Polk Signature S55... They only had the Klipsch R820F on display and the Polk S55, so I couldn't sound test the R620F. I would prefer to buy locally as if I have any trouble, they're going straight back to the store.


When I looked up the specs on the Klipsch’s, I may be wrong but the only differences I could find is that the 820F has a bigger woofer (8") and the 620F has (6 1/2") woofers, would that dramatically change the sound? Any other differences? Mind you I won't be having a full blown out home theater room. Just going to be in a living room in a duplex.


Anyone have any opinions? Which should I get, S55 or R620F?



Current System: i7 8700k (OC'd 5ghz), GTX 1070 Ti, Z370 Hero Maximus, 16GB 3000mhz Ram, corsair 460x, 500gb 960 EVO, 750w HXi PSU, 5x ML140 fans, 1440p 144hz Gsync Monitor.

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I have listened to both of these floors. I REALLY REALLY recommend you go into a Best Buy or something and listen to them. They sound different from one another. They are both bi-ampable, which is very nice.


The 820 does sound more "fuller", if you will, than the 620, just because more driver. If I'm being honest, those 820's are way overkill for a small space man. Those will rock a duplex just fine. HOWEVER. If you catch a sale and can get the 820's for around the same, jump on it.




How much are you looking to spend on this? Those 820's are on sale until tomorrow, and they are the same price as the polk, but the 820's definitely deliver much cleaner tonalities than the Polk, they are just the same price right now.


PM me if you have any questions. I have dealt with quite a bit of these systems, among other brands as well. I can help you with this.

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