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  1. What made you change your mind? Just curious. Is it the price point? Opposed to buying used or last years models?
  2. Is the room you have setup to actually support a higher end speaker system to tell a difference? The 1510 doesn't have a huge power output, only about 50 watts @ 8ohm. I would honestly try what you have selected first before you delve into anything higher end. If you wanted some better drivers, you will probably want to choose a different receiver, or be looking at amplifiers to push more power to them. Those Polk RC80i's are pretty decently rated speakers, and we have to keep in mind that being realistic is very key to our success and expectations of it. Try what you have picked out, and go f
  3. You need a pre amp. I had the same exact problem with mine. Even at full volume on the receiver it still wasn't loud. Put a pre amp in between and it gets plenty loud now. Find a like $60 amazon phono pre amp solution and you'll be good to go.
  4. Isn't the Phono Box just a phono stage interface? I did not think it has an amplifier built into it. I have a Pro-Ject DC Carbon turntable, with about a $60 Amazon pre-amp and it works fine when hooking up to a receiver. What are you plugging it into?
  5. Re-sync the remote. That's the only other thing it could be.
  6. I have (had) this issue with my C7. Yes you are connected through ARC, however, you need to switch to the TV input on the receiver. When you are turning the volume up, it is just turning up the volume from the previous source. Your ARC is working, you just need to switch inputs on receiver. Yes I know it's 2020, but no there isn't a better way yet, other than just running optical. Your source would be better ran through a media player regardless. LG's built in apps aren't that great. I run all apps through 4k Apple TV.
  7. Either misprint, or PAL vs NTSC crap?
  8. Why do you care what brand your rear speakers are? They do not have to brand match. LCR is your most important for brand/model match.
  9. Where is the tv going in relation to everything else? Are you going to be doing everything at the desk or sitting back on like a couch or something for the tv watching? I like 1440p monitors. I believe they are the sweet spot currently in the industry for price to performance. 4k panels don't really look that much nicer in the same price range, and also the refresh rates are often inferior. I am currently using the Samsung curved 32" QLED 1440p 144hz HDR monitor. I came from a 27" Dell Gsync 1440p 144hz panel. I didn't really enjoy the color profile of the Dell, given it was a few
  10. Yeah something isn't right. Replace old cables. Or theres a setting wrong.
  11. You probably wont be impressed with just the stock tv doing the processing. I wouldn't get my hopes up on that. I own a nVidia shield and Apple TV that I've played some random games on. Its okay on those platforms but I don't see the experience being anything great just from a tv.
  12. Some of these comments just hurt my brain. Yes you're fine at that distance. The C8 is a good tv. Buy it and you'll be happy. Enjoy gaming and watching tv on your 55 non eye burning tv.