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  1. Absolutely. Which is actually the main comment I am making: The GAMEPLAY is actually very very mediocre. Most of the things I brought up have to do with gameplay. Most people are complaining about the bugs and graphics. But actually the game and the way it plays as a whole are just not that good. Absolutely it affects gameplay, and besides bugs and glitches, very few people talk about this. No, if you were to follow random people around, they would just walk around forever I am pretty sure. All NPC's are mindless zombies just wandering around.
  2. Hello all, I wanted to share my thoughts on Cyberpunk 2077, something that has been bugging me. I feel like every reviewer out there is so focused on the bugs, (which are terrible, no doubt), that something important is getting overlooked: Even if the game was technically perfect, with zero bugs, it would still be just a very mediocre open world game. Here are some of my reasons: - The story is good, but pretty short. Not amazing. - The side missions (with a few exceptions) are boring, lack depth. (compared to Witcher 3, which had amazing side ques
  3. Ive just moved my home office to my frigid attic space. I figured I will be folding on my gaming rig to keep me warm up here. Do something useful with the power rather than just getting a space heater ....
  4. Great! When are they launching the 3070 and 3080?
  5. Interesting times! I was interested in a 3070 potentially, but the 8GB Vram is a bit low to my taste... The RX6800 with 16GB might be a bit more interesting. But 579 USD is pushing it for what I am willing to spend. In my opinion, strange pricing for the RX6800 XT, at 649 USD, so close to 579. seems like the 6800 XT is going to be better price / performance than the 6800 then.
  6. I kind of regret getting rid of my parents first PC, a Pentium 1 100 Mhz. My oldest PC I still have is an AMD Athlon 64 3200+ based system that I built for college. (dating myself a bit I guess). It has an ATI Radeon X1800XT in it I think (Started with a Ati Radeon 9800Pro, but that broke). Probably 2 or 4 GB of ram, 7200 RPM hard drive (probably 120 or 160 GB). Did some serious case modding on it back in the day, with CCFL tubes (no LED RGB back then LOL) Still runs, but has a problem with the PSU I think, sometimes it wont boot. I will post a pic when I ca
  7. I understand your point, but I don't know if it is entirely true. If Microsoft is to be believed, the Series X targets 4K and the Series S targets 1440P. It makes sense therefore that both systems are identical, and the Series X just needs more GPU power and VRam to push the higher resolution. I think Microsoft would have kept this in mind while designing the Series S, making sure not to kneecap the whole generation.
  8. I guess it is just incorporated into it. True, lots of popular gtx 1060 laptops out there. But there are a fair number of 20 series laptops as well. The fact that people didn't see the need to upgrade their laptop with Turing also says something.
  9. Interestingly, my AMD based desktop for the longest time didnt show 2004 as a possibility. While my laptop had long since updated to 2004, my desktop did not show the update as available. Perhaps Microsoft has paused the rollout?
  10. Those are some very competitive prices. I am seeing general online discourse turn in favor of Xbox now, instead of the lukewarm reception they have been getting so far. I can't see Sony beating or even matching these prices. Sony has been hinting at the fact that the PS5 is expensive to produce, and will be an expensive device. Perhaps Sony will go $599 for the disc version, and $549 for the discless version. Perhaps they can try to go as low as $499 for their discless version, but perhaps they could lose money on every console sold in that case. Meanwhile,
  11. Correct. Mining needs to die. It is just a bubble built on nothing. Also, all cryptomining uses more power worldwide than a small country (Switzerland: https://www.theverge.com/2019/7/4/20682109/bitcoin-energy-consumption-annual-calculation-cambridge-index-cbeci-country-comparison). So not only is it annoying, it is actually harmful to the environment in terms of power usage. I thought all this mining nonsense was not profitable anymore anyway? If this is true, I guess I will be sticking with my GTX 980Ti for a while longer..
  12. Only one thing comes to mind: How was this kid able to edit 60,000 articles, over the course of several years, 1/3rd of the volume, without anyone noticing it was completely made up garbage?? Perhaps nobody actually reads Scottish Wikipedia?
  13. THis is indeed actually one of the better implementations I have heard of. More privacy secure than some of the government COVID apps I think, although I haven't really looked at them in detail. But sadly it only works for Apple devices, so very limited usefulness outside of NA, as some have mentioned. If only 20% of phones in Europe are Apple, than I am not getting data on 80% of possible infections / exposures. Government app will still be more useful if adoption is widespread. And get real people, the government already knows where you are through cell to
  14. What part of the world are you in? It is possible that speedtest.net has a server close to you, but most of the game servers are pretty far away? Most European game servers seem to be located in Germany for example, US servers are usually either East coast or West coast. If you are far away from those, might not be anything you can do about it.