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    Ryzen 7 2700X
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    Asrock B450 ITX
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    16GB DDR4 2400Mhz
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    EVGA GTX 980Ti SC
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    Silverstone Sugo13
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    Samsung 840 EVO 250GB SSD
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    Corsair SF600
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    Dell 27inch 1440P
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    Be Quiet Shadow Rock LP + Noctua 140mm.
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    Logitech G500

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  1. Corsair Force MP600 is also good. 25% slower than Samsung 980 Pro, but cheaper usually. 22% faster than the Samsung 980 non-Pro. Samsung 980 only appears to exist up to 1TB, you need to go to 980 Pro for 2TB. Corsair MP600 also sits in between the 980 and 980 Pro in terms of price.
  2. If this is your current build, it is more than fine, no reason to upgrade anything. If this is a new build you are putting together, kind of an odd choice, because the CPU + motherboard are 2 generations behind. (intel is on 11th gen, this is 9th gen). I would suggest a build with the AMD Ryzen 5800X or perhaps Intel 11700K or 11900K. Also depends on your usage. Gaming or work? You might go for a 5600x or 11400 and save some money if it is just for gaming. Good luck!
  3. I would think so, yes. It would run in single channel with 3 sticks I would assume, not 100% sure. Also generally only use the exact same RAM sticks brand and model number. It might work fine, it might not.
  4. Agreed, you already have a pretty decent tower CPU cooler, it should not run that hot probably, unless you OC'd it really high? The cooler he has should be roughly equivalent to a Hyper 212 Evo already. Are you sure it is installed properly and the fan is running? You could try to reapply thermal paste and reinstall it, see if that helps. Better cooling you would have to go to like a Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 4, Or a Noctua DH-15, those are some of the best Air coolers on the market. You could also get an AIO watercooler, but a cheap watercooler would perform worse than the Dark Rock
  5. Really good build. I would just go for a cheaper SSD to make it a little cheaper. Alternatively, you could get a 1TB SSD and skip the hard drive, for about the same cost. 500GB SSD will fill up really fast with today's games (like 2-3 games). Warzone is over 200GB, Battlefield V is like 75GB, Battlefield 2042 will likely be even bigger (100+ GB probably). So think about how many games you want to have installed at any given time. 500GB might have you swapping around files between SSD and HDD, 1TB might be a bit more comfortable to have at least 5-10 large AAA games installed on the
  6. I would not recommend going with the external GPU. I have spent some time in the past tinkering with external GPU's over thunderbolt PC's, and it just didn't work reliably. Also, having the GPU outside of the main enclosure seems delicate for your usage, you'd be better off with everything inside of the enclosure. Gaming laptops I am not a fan personally, and you don't seem to be either. I could recommend a good Mini ITX build such as this: (you dont mention a budget, this is kind of middle of the road) Ncase M1 (12 liters) is a very compact case that fits f
  7. I think you are on the right track with those upgrades. From your i5 7400 which is 4 cores 4 threads, going to 6 cores 12 threads will be a huge upgrade for games as well as all the other software you run. Keeping your 1070Ti is the right idea, in the current GPU market, and still a solid card anyway. Your current RAM is DDR4 2x8GB 2400Mhz I presume (1200 Mhz doesnt exist in DDR4). You could consider keeping that, and spending the extra money on a 5800X instead (8 cores, 16 threads). The difference between the 5600X and 5800X will be far bigger than going from 240
  8. The Seasonic Focus is a good PSU, Seasonic makes outstanding PSU's. Fully modular, gold rated, 10 year warranty, what is not to like? I would never prefer Corsair over Seasonic.
  9. He should NOT get a new CPU at all. Replacing a 3600 with a 3700X or 5600X would be absolutely pointless and give him 0.00% benefit in the games he plays at 60 Hz. I don't know about second life but if it really needs an Nvidia GPU I would recommend getting a used one as others have mentioned. The GPU is the only thing that could be causing less than optimal performance in this system. Everything else in your PC is still pretty much brand new, so don't 'upgrade' anything else, unless you enjoy throwing money away. Good luck.
  10. I would start with something like this, see list below: Comes to 1072 EUR without monitors. Honestly I don't really know which exact monitor to reccomend, do some research. I hear LG makes really good ones nowadays. But at 30 inches, I would get 1440P monitors. I have 27 inch 1440P and the resolution is great. So at 30 inches, I definitely would not get 1080P, way too big for 1080p. Also 1440P gives you more workspace for video editing etc, which is nice. Look for good color accuracy in your monitors if that is important to you for your image and video editing (IPS panels
  11. Put as much effort into your question as you would expect people to put into their answer please? You need to give more information. What will the PC be used for? Gaming? Work? School? For gaming, something like this: but this does not include pricing for the RTX 3070 ($499 MRSP would get it into your budget). But the RTX 3070 is unavailable right now at reasonable prices (as are all GPUs), so either transfer the GPU from your current system until prices go down, or get a used GPU to hold you over for now. Alternatively, get a 5600G CPU which has a modest GP
  12. It will be hard to find a laptop for $800 with a 120 Hz screen. These are found in more expensive gaming oriented laptops only. For $800, look for a good laptop with AMD Ryzen 4500U or 4700U or 5500U. Will be good in your apps. In this price range you get a lot of laptops with 9300H and 10300H, but those are only quad core chips, I would avoid those. Get at least the 10400H with 6 cores. 16GB of RAM should be doable, but some in this price range come only with 8GB of RAM, avoid those. As for graphics, at this price point you will only find entry level dedica
  13. I mean, why are you looking for a new BIOS if your card is running fine? The old saying: 'don't fix if it isn't broken' might apply here. On the Asrock website for example they even state that they don't recommend you update your motherboard BIOS unless you have an issue that needs fixing. (I typically don't, unless it fixes security flaws). I would leave it alone, especially if your BIOS is newer than the ones available. I understand your frustration with customer support not being knowledgeable however. That is not great. At least they should know if / wh
  14. in any case, the difference between different pastes should be 1-5C at most I think, so your problem might be elsewhere. Also, crashing at 88C isnt normal. GPU's can typically go to those temps and be totally fine. Are you OCing? You might just have dialed in an unstable clock speed or voltage (or both). Also try upping the fan speed curve, see if that helps anything.
  15. I thought Thermal Grizzly was supposed to be a high end good quality paste. Doubt that it would not be good at 80 or 90C. Arctic MX-4 or MX-5 are also highly regarded I believe. I have used MX-4 in the past, no complaints.