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Haven't been using my vive for a while, waiting for my 2000 series card, now that I got it I have some questions regarding performance monitoring & SS


So it seems things have changed quite a bit since I was last digging around steam VR so a few questions.

1) can we still enable the "missing frames" warning? I imagine that will be very helpful for me to find out the limits of SS I can push with this card.

2) If this is not a thing anymore what is the best way to see if im pushing the limits too far?

3) what is the best way for me to adjust SS, I see there are multiple methods now... There is Open vr advanced settings, an "applications" setting within Steam VRs settings as well as "application Resolution" with manual overide, I was finding that without manual over ride enabled it was locking me at 200% when I was manually able to push things to at least 300 (on a 2080ti)

4) when I find a resolution I am set on playing a title at, what is the best way to not discover this number again? Create a profile in advance settings? Or can steam itself remember this number now so once I set it it will auto swap to that resolution when the application launches.

Thats all for now I think.

System Specs

CPU: Ryzen 5 5600x | Mobo: Gigabyte B550i Aorus Pro AX | RAM: Hyper X Fury 3600 64gb | GPU: ASUS RTX 2080TI | Storage: WD Blk SN750 NVMe - 1tb, Samsung 860 Evo - 1tb, WD Blk - 6tb/5tb, WD Red - 10tb | PSU:Corsair ax860 | Cooling: AMD Wraith Stealth  Displays: 55" Samsung 4k Q80R, 24" BenQ XL2420TE/XL2411Z & Asus VG248QE | Kb: K70 RGB Blue | Mouse: Logitech G903 | Case: Fractal Torrent RGB | Extra: HTC Vive, Fanatec CSR/Shifters/CSR Elite Pedals w/ Rennsport stand, Thustmaster Warthog HOTAS, Track IR5,, ARCTIC Z3 Pro Triple Monitor Arm | OS: Win 10 Pro 64 bit

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