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  1. I dont know whats going on, this wasnt happening until a few days ago. But randomly my system just losses connection to my logitech mx3 master and k380 keyboard for no reason. Like I will be in the middle of mousing over something and just gone, it stops functioning. Ive tried driver reinstallation, removing logitech software driver updating. sfc/scannow, ((it literally just dropped in the middle of me tying this mid sentence.) and windows troubleshooting. The troubleshooter mentioned something about turning the radio back on. I have a logitech g903 when im at my desk and waking that wo
  2. Not a massive fan of RA and ive never looked into emulator support in Linux cause I dont run it, I was under the impression most were for windows/windows optimized.
  3. I intend to keep steam OS, but for it to be a perfect device for me I need to get into windows for optimal emulation support, Ive wanted one of these hand held PCs for a while stictly for emulators and this one seems perfect. But the lack of windows is a small hiccup
  4. Yeah Mentally I keep thinking its a steam grid I dunno why lol. I was out walking when I wrote this so didnt think of it. I know I can install a new os im just not faimiler with linux at all or dual booting for that matter so I dunno if something about arch or windows itself wouldnt let me run them in dual boot.
  5. I know this is impossible to say until the device comes out but I am thinking of reserving one and would very much like this so wondering if possible on at least a conceptual level.
  6. Trying to play a game, its a new game but built on old tech according to the dev. my desktop is set to 4k at 175% scaling (55" TV) This is making the game (according to the dev) stretch the window outside my display bounty so relevant information is being "pushed off-screen" The dev says there should be a way for me to tell windows to ignore scaling with this game but I have yet to be able to figure it out. Thread with the Dev to try to get to the source of the issue is here for some additional context. https://steamcommunity.com/app/285110/discussions/1/3049482036401302553/
  7. Thats the video that spurred this on, There is no Canadian listing yet which is why I made it, I suspect they would be more than I wanna spend though , never been a huge audio buff.
  8. My criteria is in the title. Truly wireless ear buds that will play nice with windows and are preferably not trash.
  9. Not an option/incredible overkill for use case
  10. I think total I have saved about $200ish saved me $60 on a Christmas gift a year or so back.
  11. They would be pretty handy for me under certain circumstances. But I know such things aren't really designed with use on a PC in mind (even if they technically work) so ive been apprehensive to pull the treigger on just any old pair.
  12. Thats cool but yeah I just started using HDR again cause I played and HDR compatible game again (been playing older stuff.) on my TV and was gushing at the visuals (re7) so was kinda interested in checking it out. But yeah... insider builds still kinda scare me tbh.