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  1. Thats the video that spurred this on, There is no Canadian listing yet which is why I made it, I suspect they would be more than I wanna spend though , never been a huge audio buff.
  2. My criteria is in the title. Truly wireless ear buds that will play nice with windows and are preferably not trash.
  3. Not an option/incredible overkill for use case
  4. I think total I have saved about $200ish saved me $60 on a Christmas gift a year or so back.
  5. They would be pretty handy for me under certain circumstances. But I know such things aren't really designed with use on a PC in mind (even if they technically work) so ive been apprehensive to pull the treigger on just any old pair.
  6. Thats cool but yeah I just started using HDR again cause I played and HDR compatible game again (been playing older stuff.) on my TV and was gushing at the visuals (re7) so was kinda interested in checking it out. But yeah... insider builds still kinda scare me tbh.
  7. I bailed on the idea anyways someone on reddit said once you are on the insider program you are stuck on it, and no thanks. With how problimatic release windows have been in recent times I would rather not get an even more problem prone version. Also I think you may be a lil confussed about the auto HDR process, it gives non HDR games HDR effects, has nothing to do with enabling HDR on games with it already, unless you were just mentioning that on the side.
  8. I know you used to gave to join the insider programme. Is that still a thing that needs to be done? If so what channel do I join?
  9. I mean... you can disagree with it if you like but I dont see whats to be disagreed about. Dude cant predict the future. He can only speak accurately about the stock he had ready to go out when he dropped this program on us and outlined the details So yeah its pretty obvious that what he said, t on... whatever date, lets say March 11th doesn't necessarily apply to stock acquired Apr 30th.
  10. When this was announced all the cards they had and were expecting to get were subject to tariffs. Yeah they probably could have said something when EVGA became a partner but the fact of the matter is the statement was entirely accurate as of the time of it being said. Nothing that he worked out after the fact obviously would have the same conditions.
  11. Yes it did. I know for a fact it did cause I put them on when I had it at 2x while doing other things No it wasn't, it as just like the first one when it cut away from the actual content to linus sitting at a table and explaining. I know for a fact it was like this cause I remember that URL on that one being a particular pain in the ass cause of those "Torx" fans and messing up the spelling for them.
  12. The only ones ive missed were the 2 AMD card drops otherwise none of them required subtitles youtube subtitles are the bane of my existence and the drop would have went entirely over my head had they been required.
  13. Huh? I participated in the first one, no it wasnt.