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  1. Anyone know wtf this is about? Anytime I launch the app I get "Your permission is required to connet your device to this TV" I just reformated this phone and I dont recall this behavour before hand, why would it be trying to connect to the TV anyways?
  2. Or should I take a screen shot of em and redownload what I need?
  3. It think I found the pic of the box, that thing is pretty badass actually lol
  4. Only was searching on amazon myself and was just getting hits for the base k70s on there good to see something is out there though, thanks.
  5. I live in a very dusty area and hate clearning my kb, anyone know of a dust cover that I can easily remove for this board? Preferably that can be bought in Canada.
  6. Its used for my Fanatec Wheel setup to connect from my shifter to my wheelbase...Fanatec seems to be taking it sweet time getting back to me.
  7. hmm... based on reading this. Does that mean if I need to restart the system for driver installations that wont automaticly finish when the system reboots?
  8. This is a behaviour I deeply dislike, I am not talking about applications in "startup apps" either. Like I have firefox running and while I do I restart windows. When windows boots back up though it auto launches firefox, seemingly to resume what I was doing when I shut down. How do I stop this? I hate it. I restart windows to free up system resources for gaming and it autostarting something unnessicay like this is entirely countering what im trying to do.
  9. Long story short trying to pull a prank on a friend to make him install a REALLY bad game in place of something he wanted me to download for him. But the installation wizard is gonna give it away, anyway I can alter the text within the wizard to disguise what it is?
  10. So I recently got myself a new tv, a Samsung Q80R love the TV but HDR has me at my wits end. My ps4 works fine with HDR, And I've gotten the PC working wirh it too but not...properly. I run an Asus RTX 2080ti Duel It is an HDMI 2.0b card, and my TV is HDMI 2.0b When running HDR thoguh I was getting a VERY washed out and gross image. This seems to be a common complaint. I found out apparently older HDMI standards just cant do 4k 60hz and HDR, I could do 4k or 60, or HDR and 60 and I imagine HDR and sub 60 too but the only way I could get all 3 to play nice together was to set the
  11. Even adjusting my scaling back to 100% the gap is still huge, also at my 175% it was correct before. Control scroll didnt seem to be much of anything other then make it larger or smaller, even after turning off and on auto arrange . Size is the standard Windows medium size.
  12. Ignore they are transparent that is wallpaper engine at work. Upgraded to a 4k display though and now this is going on. It wasnt always happening it had normal spacing and now it doesnt. Align to grid and auto sort ot whatever its called doesnt seem to help.
  13. Thanks, was messing with that trying to fix another issue but wasnt sure it that was it causing this problem.
  14. So when I do this the game doesnt scale to match the 4k resolution, it runs in a small box in the middle of the screen which im not overly fond of, anything I can do about this? Only solution ive found is boarderless windowed, and while more common not everything does have it.