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  1. Ahh thank you! I was skimming the manual and I was struggling to find things like usb drive formatting and what not.
  2. Got this board on the way and got a 5600x on the way, I imagine I am going to have to update the bios so figured I would ask in advanced about the proper updating process since it has been a while and I imagine I will have to. (And never have on an AMD board, if that makes any difference.)
  3. Yeah, thats why I was looking at it like what the hell sine when do I need drivers for a cpu. But whatever makes the chip happy I guess.
  4. So even with the 5000 series chip in imma still be able to get to windows to install said driver? I only ask cause I know Ryzen had some weirdness with updating at the very least bios to get a chip to function at all.
  5. So I currently have an 5600x on the way along with a B550I AORUS PRO AX I am acquiring my drivers in advanced and noticed there is one labeled Now to my understanding this is a Vermeer chip... how am I to install this driver, when I need to get into windows to install drivers when I need to use this chip to get into windows? On an semi related not there is another chipset driver labeled. Do I want both of these? Follow up question. The Lan Drivers, I got and I would assume I want the 20h2 one? I am not sure (for
  6. I assume this is whatever amds equivalent of XMP is letting it run faster? The wording to me just seems like "No this is the hard limit of the ram speed" At leasat with the retailer I was looking at.
  7. Seems thats one of the kits thats basically a crap shoot as to what you are getting. Thanks though. https://www.overclockers.co.uk/forums/threads/crucial-32gb-2x16gb-cl16-3600-bl2k16g36c16u4b-single-rank.18905926/page-4
  8. I am trying to do homework but im tired and struggling to get confirmation of some, best I am getting is Crucial Ballistix some of which is single rank, some of which is dual between the same sku, which I am sure you can imagine is of zero help to me. Something on the cheaper end is prefered this doesnt need to be anything fancy, its for a 5600x.
  9. Cool, You happen to know what the Chipset uplink and general purpose lanes would be exactly? I am guessing though the general purpose lanes wont really matter for me though since im going itx.
  10. Just put an order on a 5600x, did so without looking into the chipsets because of how limited the nature of these things is currently. Wondering if someone can give me a run down on the various chipsets and what they entail to me as an end user. If it matters im getting an ITX board.
  11. Yeah I just dont wanna waste money on a "proper" board when its gonna be discarded anyways in a not terribly long time.
  12. First of all, I know it will look stupid, its a stop gap upgrade build before getting a ddr5 system though and is gonna be turned into a small form factor emulation machine. I think the h440 fits itx? But I dunno if it will also fit mini itx. I've never done ITX so I dunno exactly the details with it. Will also have a video card so yeah that will be slotted in there too.
  13. I used to only use it, but a few years ago I recall it being panned in reviews of yearly AV updates so it made me a lil...gun shy about it if im totally honest.
  14. So I had a bit defender license from a friend but to be quite honest it was kinda proving to be a pain in my butt when I would do more tinkery things and it would flag things as a false positive. I was wondering if there is any AV software someone could recommend me that will let me easily recover things I know are safe if it tried to quarantine/delete them, (this is my biggest pet peeve with av software is it fighting me/deliberately making it hard to recover things.) And thinking also something I can pause active monitoring on as well If I know in advance that something is gonna cau
  15. First and formost, before soeone asks no I dont have another keyboard to use. Does anyone have a work around I can try? the keybaord is just entirely unresponsive I tried a legacy mode on the kb but it doesnt seem to work. I cant access/control my BIOS either. the motherboard s a gigabye gigabyte z87x-ud5h