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Can I put a 3rd gen i5 onto a 4th gen motherboard?


Hi .. 1st of all ... Many many thanks for the hours of entertainment and knowledge about computing that you have all provided to the masses ???


My problem .. I'm pretty sure that you can do this but i`d like the check what the community think just in case.


The PC concerned is not mine but my nephews, Im trying to upgrade him from a i3 to a i5 for his Birthday to open up his gaming world a bit.  Im on a tight budget so would like to keep the cost down as much as possible, I am uk based.


His current setup has a Asus b85m-g Motherboard / i3-4160 CPU / R9280 3GB GPU / 650w corsair PSU / Hyper tx3 evo heat sink / 1 TB HDD







The cheapest listing for a refurbished 4th gen i5 that is around the same Ghz that I can find is approx £120, which is totally out of my range atm which led me to the thinking that i should be able to go back and stick a 3rd gen i5 in there as they are the same die size of 22nm and there shouldn't be much difference in gaming performance.   My only hiccups atm is the every single website that i can find with the motherboard specs to try and confirm this all say that it only supports 4th gen chips and there is no mention that the MB will support the last generation, so im a bit confused again as i always thought that you could as long as the die was the same size ?


Ive found a listing for a Intel Core i5 3570 SR0T7 3.40GHz for £45 and would really like to purchase it, however im a little worried that it wont work due to something that i have completely missed ? the only thing i can think of is the the 3rd gen seems to pull about 20 more watts than the 4th gen chip but he def has enough spare in the PSU to cover that.  ( The reason i added the PSU and GPU & HDD)



The only other difference is the socket types.  He currently has LGA 1150 and the 3rd gen is LGA 1155. 


I'm under the belief that this is all about what heat sinks will fit to the motherboard and that the 1155 & 1150 are the same size so they should be compatible with the heat sink that he is currently using - Is this correct?



So in a nutshell - Can I use a i5 3570 on a B85 M-G motherboard with the Hyper tx3 evo?



Geeky answers always welcomed ?



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Tl;Dr but you can not put a 3rd Gen into a 4th gen board. 



Edit: BUT 1156, 1155, 1150 and 1151 all use the same cooler mounting. So if it works on 3rd Gen the cooler will work on 4th as well. 

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No. 3rd Gen CPU's uses different socket than 4th Gen.

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1 hour ago, FloRolf said:

Tl;Dr but you can not put a 3rd Gen into a 4th gen board. 



Edit: BUT 1156, 1155, 1150 and 1151 all use the same cooler mounting. So if it works on 3rd Gen the cooler will work on 4th as well. 

Well that a massive bummer but at least it saved me from make a purchase that i would not have used :)


Thx to the others that gave input too :)

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