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  1. Hi Jojito & thx for that ... I got it setup fine using systemd in the end, but I am trying to learn how to use terminal a bit more and those links are grea t thx, Kudos
  2. It might be a idea to disconnect the drive that has windows installed on it and then go thru the start up and shut down process ( either into the bios or until a no boot driver error comes up ) If the pc still turns on ... its deffo not Win10 n obviously if doesn't then yes ure prob gonna have a pain fixing it n I would suggest jumping ship to linux if u cant be arsed. However If its new ... id get on the phone for tech support n if they cant fix .. demand a replacement
  3. If u google it, it seems that your issue has been around for sometime https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=Wake+History+Count+0 Personally I would go with this suggestion which centers around the BIOS as the error is suggesting that the pc was not issued to turn on via the power management API https://forums.anandtech.com/threads/useless-powercfg-lastwake.2392551/ But then there are also a hell of a lot of Win10 users that have done a deep dive into the Os and uncovered a load of settings in multiple places that all do the same thing .. ie if u tu
  4. Not my handiwork ... but il pass the message on Thx for that breakdown .. I am aware that its a 180w PSU as posted (soz if I wasnt clear on that), but its the how much the rest of the components draw that I wasnt to sure about n I totally forgot to add the RAM n motherboard Its got a skylake 6500 btw. You do make a very good point about being close to the power supply's max output n I agree, prob not a good Idea n I need to hunt for something else. Thx again
  5. Hi, Was given a PC by a friend and asked to fix his mistakes ( loose wiring ) and then install Win7 & CS6 on it ( will be completely offline ) .. The PC is a Sff Dell Optiplex 3040 and hes butchered the hell out of it but it still works ( dont ask ) The only components that are connected are - x1 dvd drive, x1 120gb SSD, a Arctic Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 Fan, x1 80/80mm Fan & a Geforce 710 GPU ( the HDD is not connected ) My issue is that I I have not re-built a Pc in a while and I do not know if the PSU can handle the Low profile 1050ti I want
  6. Hello .. I know u said uve played with all the power options but have u ... Right-click and go to Properties > Power Management tab. Now uncheck the box which says Allow this device to wake the computer? Also u can try the below from this site that offers a few more solutions - https://www.thewindowsclub.com/computer-turns-on-by-itself-windows Find out what woke your computer Open a command prompt with admin privileges, and type the following command and hit Enter: powercfg –lastwake This will show you the last device which woke up your PC. Th
  7. Windows boot manager would be the one to select, but I would suggest to try and boot without the GPU installed ... If boots n u get not glitching ... its prob the GPU ... If it does not boot, you know that the issue is going to be with something that is still plugged in. I would still suggest the Linux Live USB and it will allow u to to do basic tests on the HW to see if its working ok ... Ubuntu 20.04 LTS would be a good one to use
  8. not looked at the cards ...but noticed that one of the ads as described by you says it was bought for a eGPU setup ... I personally would avoid.
  9. Im not sure how to fix ure issue without some more info ... You say u can access the BIOS , what happens when u boot from the "boot options" ( think u spam F8/F12 when u turn pc on ?) A test in the mean time would be to remove the GPU completely and use the on board HDMI to see if that will allow u to boot, to rule out some GPU issues. Another test (if u have a spare PC/laptop around) is to create a Linux Live USB and see if you pc will allow you to boot with that (if everything works, ul prob find that there has been some corruption somewhere on the HD and that a OS
  10. Hi Wild Penguin & thx for taking the time to answer all that 1 - I think u nailed the explanation bang on as its working all good, thx ... Im not against using FStab ... I just have a habit of bricking my system and I assumed this method was suggesting that if it did it wrong, it just wouldnt work, rather than brick the boot n would rather learn a bit more about FStab b4 going into it. Heres my lsblk output ... blkid didnt output anything? https://pastebin.com/Xa2XJ077 2 - This is what I did, sudo nano/etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-amd
  11. Last night I installed Manjaro KDE Plasma 20.2.1 after using PopOs for just over a year as a noob in order to get Vulkan/dxvk working properly with my GPU. I have managed to get that working with my R9 280, but im still outta luck with the 290 (using the guides on the Archwiki) .. but in essence everything works and Im happy I made the jump. I dont know if my 1 year experience of using linux kicked in when I was setting Manjaro up, but I found the experience a lot easier than Pop and have got my pc back to where it was b4 + i can use vulkan I have ran into a few things I can
  12. Can you boot with the Live USB? If so, I would suggest a corrupt install and to try again. If not i would suggest that ubuntu doesnt have the pre-installed drivers you need and maybe to try and different distro such as PopOs that might save you the hassle of finding out which one it is :)
  13. Update - I Updated the kernel to "5.10.9-051009-generic" using this guide https://sypalo.com/how-to-upgrade-ubuntu followed my original steps to blacklist and setup grub & it still doesn't work. uname -r 5.10.9-051009-generic lsb_release -a No LSB modules are available. Distributor ID: Pop Description: Pop!_OS 20.10 Release: 20.10 Codename: groovy glxinfo | grep "OpenGL renderer" OpenGL renderer string: AMD TAHITI (DRM 2.50.0, 5.10.9-051009-generic, LLVM 10.0.0) another page suggested I try t
  14. Yeh .. Im slowly learning all this stuff and allowed the 5.8 update to go thru before understanding what it really did compared to the LTS Its good to know that its working ok for you using 5.4 tho Ashley xD - Im still quite new to linux and rely on guides to try and resolve issues ... I cant get it working so my face it a instead of a .. If you can point anything out to help then it would be appreciated.
  15. TLDR - I used to own a R9 290 (Sea Islands, GCN2) and couldnt get the Os to boot using the AMDGPU driver so that I could use Vulkan & DXVK, due to the reason the Kernel I have installed (5.8) and the AMD drivers only currently supporting up to Kernel 5.4. Im now using a R9 280 (Volcanic Islands, GCN1) and thought I`d give this another go and try to install Vulkan and get the AMDGPU driver running instead of Radeon. Ive had mixed results. I have managed to get Vulkan & DVVK installed and working 99% .... The last 1% being some game I cannot run from steam or l