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Gawker loses Mercedes-Benz as sponsor


Some of you might browse sites such as Gizmodo, Jalopnik or Kotaku. Each of these sites are owned by Gawker media. On October 16th, Sam Biddle sent these tweets that would ultimately cause the German car firm to pull out. (He works for Gawker)




Before we continue, do note this isn't a #GamerGate issue, it's the encouraging of bullying that caused the backlash. As someone who had to deal with bullies growing up, encouraging this is despicable. Project Anti-Bully picked this up and treating this seriously as should anyone. Mercedes and Nintendo have that deal so the combination of the reports coming from a fair amount of gamers and this shameless display, no wonder Merc wanted no part of Gawker.


Sites owned by Gawker Media:



List of Gawker Media weblogs[edit]

Cink – Hungarian
Deadspin – Sports
Screamer – Deadspin's soccer hub
The Concourse – Music, food, sports-related pop culture
Gawker.com – New York City media and gossip, tabloid
Valleywag – San Francisco, Silicon Valley and tech gossip
Gizmodo – Gadget and technology lifestyle
Sploid – News, futuristic ideas and tech
io9 – Science/Science Fiction
Jalopnik – Cars and automotive culture
Truck Yeah! – Trucks and truck culture
Jezebel – Celebrity, Sex, Fashion for women
Kotaku – Video games and East Asian pop culture
Lifehacker – Productivity tips
Licensed Australian weblogs[edit]
Gizmodo Australia – Gadgets and technology
Kotaku Australia – Games and gaming industry coverage
Lifehacker Australia – Tips, tricks, tutorials, hacks, downloads and guides










You don't have to be a gamer or involved in anything. Bullying is wrong, encouraging it is even worse. 



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This is a true story, one that Sam can confirm:

Back in the day he offered to show me his dick because I made fun of how much he complained on the weight of the Lumia 920. It was actually a running joke amongst many commenters at the time, since he always complained about it. 


http://gizmodo.com/good-lord-if-you-think-the-phone-is-too-heavy-im-too-sc-473669768 it is a shame that he got rid of his comments, cause that stuff was dynamite. 


I declined, since I don't entirely swing that way, but it was a generous offer from him. But Sam was always openly hostile and resentful towards the crowd he wrote for, he was never reasonable and he was awfully angry a lot of the time. 

There is a definition of a role model, and it wasn't him. Not by any stretch. 


Gizmodo and Gawker employ very nasty writers who write to draw clicks, and do so in manners that are abhorrent even by internet standards. I mean, this is the company that employed a one Jesus Diaz, who called the very members of his community "cocksuckers". 

Gawker is many things, but classy? Nope.


Good for Mercedes. They don't need that kind of relationship. 

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