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  1. I'm not the one paying for it, but I remember when I was. I watch Youtube way more than use Netflix that I don't see myself going with a Netflix sub if the person paying for it stopped.
  2. I started with reds, but after trying blue (green for Razer), I can't go back to red switches. Blues just feel so much nicer tbh
  3. You don't know what all OP does with their PC or plans on doing. Not all gaming PCs are used solely for gaming. If you want to run VMs or servers, 16GB can feel limiting. As for Ryzen first gen, I went back to Intel for this reason. Original 32GB upgrade (as in an actual 32GB 2x16 kit to replace a 2x8 one) didn't even work. Popped it into the 6700k build and now it has 32GB. Ryzen first gen is too picky for ram even with the latest BIOS updates.
  4. Mooshi


    If you're young enough where you have to ask your parents, but not old enough to get a job, just appareciate your parents are alive dude.
  5. The new system I built may as well be for her considering she uses it more than I do.
  6. As long as it works lol The fact this thing has type c is a plus. So annoying having to dig out a micro cable when I could just plug it into my phone charger.
  7. Light upgrade for the ebike. Max brightness is the freaking sun.. Light on in a pitch black storage shed to get idea of brightness.
  8. Missed that boat by years. The preffered currency of choice for pedophiles and drug dealers isn't getting you anywhere with 50. Be luckier buying lottery tickets.
  9. Don't do it. When minimum wage is 7 times higher in one hour vs what you make a day, get a real job if you don't have one. If you do, you're not making back anything on return of equipment which is just putting you in the hole.
  10. When your included mouse looks like a glossy bar of soap, I don't think fast pace gaming is their top priority.
  11. I dunno what exactly Discord would gain from Amazon. I'd take a wager something else was listening in.
  12. Not too concerned. I'm not one to deal with first gen tech after being underwhelmed with DDR3 first launched. By the time my new system needs a platform upgrade, DDR5 would be more mature and AMD/Intel would have had a new gen to perfect it.
  13. I mean, we live in an age where kids have to be told not to eat laundry detergent. The amount of stupid is unreal.
  14. Maybe it's a result from working customer service for 5 years, but my view on general society has been pretty warped by it. For sites catered to the DIY crowd and not whoever buys prebuilts from Walmart, it's probably assumed the person visiting the site don't actually believe they are buying a fully built PC with an RTX 3080 for $80 dollars. But I also get why disclaimers exist...some people are just irredeemably stupid. edit: read the OP in full. Bruh, at 7 my biggest concern was seeing if I could convince my parents to let me rent two games instead of one
  15. I have a feeling 2021 just going to be an extension of 2020. 2020 TURBO EDITION
  16. Fun fact: I Opted for a lower resolution on my S20 in favor of the higher fresh rate. With the size of phones, anything above 1080p/1440p is a huge waste.
  17. At first I read just a stereo, a sandwich
  18. If the idea behind this is to have a desktop at each parents house, just build an itx system you can move around. A $3k itx system would destroy both a gaming laptop and 2 desktops that cost half that.
  19. I'd personally let it do it's own thing since fiddling with timings on a platform that's locked is kind of a waste of time.
  20. Watching DVDs or Blu-ray on PC sucks if we're being brutally honest. If you have even an older Playstation laying around, you have a functioning DVD player.
  21. Is your system Ryzen by any chance? I never had this issue with Intel builds, but have personally with a now retired Ryzen system.
  22. I went with the 10700k personally when debating that or the 5800x. For the price of a scalped 5800x, I get a CPU with more cores and a board. Another plus was having ram just work. Since it was an upgrade from a 1600, I wanted more cores. Even with the most up to date BIOS, a Crucial 32GB kit planned for an upgrade ended up going to my GFs PC because Ryzen is picky. Her 6700k system recognized it right away, one of those little things you don't really think about. Watched a few videos and the ones that had AMD winning also had things like running stock speed etc. Realistically, the