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  1. Yes. Also some Nikon and other brands of cameras use Sony sensors.
  2. I like Taosym's character designs and I can't really explain why; they're not something I would normally dig. The Menagerie was only kinda finished, I guess? Not sure about supporting stuff if it has a chance to release unfinished like that.
  3. Reliability will usually depend more on ammunition than the gun firing it. For that reason, I'd ray rimfire semi-autos would be the least reliable. Glocks may have a reputation for being mostly reliable, but they still have their hiccups. Susceptibility to malfunction while limp-wristing, poorly supported chambers in certain calibers, and ejection issues come to mind.
  4. I don't think anyone plans to kill when they carry. If that's ever on the table though, it might not be the best idea to be carrying something comfortable yet unshootable under those stresses. Mitigate stress through training and practice; practice is made useful and enjoyable when you can see meaningful progress in your skills. Smaller guns tend to be harder and less enjoyable to shoot, whereas bigger guns are more often to be left at home for being unwieldy when concealed. Chasing that balance.. :wub: @~5:00
  5. The concealed carry paradox. The smaller one goes, the less effective a firearm seems to get. I kept wanting smaller.. lighter.. thinner.. all at the cost of being able to comfortably practice and become proficient with it. Haven't shot the LC9s Pro yet, but I didn't care for the earlier version.
  6. Well, which is it? Do you want to force me to subsidize the healthcare costs of this country's citizens, through taxes, mandatory association, or opt-out penalty fees? Or am I free to do whatever I want? Given the consequences of the latter, I'd say it's a rather coercive system that's being set up. Why must government be tasked with providing basic healthcare to the people? Why is this a requisite for being the greatest country in the world? Just asking questions; I don't need the strawmen.
  7. So if it's a human right, what stops anyone from seeking that subsidized healthcare in the US? Someone has to pay. Why should I be forced to subsidize that cost? That isn't to say "Should we help the needy at all?" Of course we should, and we can, through voluntary charities. It's the non-aggression principle that guides libertarians away from using force to accomplish goals, though they may appear noble.
  8. You have the NRA placed on some odd pedestal. Can you cite their support for deregulating automatic weapons?
  9. You don't want full auto anyway!
  10. I didn't say it was left or right, but I don't like either. It isn't that a president would control culture or media, but how they present ideas and themselves to the media, and in turn the people consuming that media. Where has he complained about Muslim or Hispanic citizens? Why is a wall insane?
  11. Rand Paul is probably the closest to someone I'd want for president. If a vote for Trump is a vote for curb stomping the news media and PC culture though, that's probably where I'll throw it.
  12. Her pants are very low. Looks fine to me aside from the belt maybe. :huh:
  13. Proper fantasy RPG female attire.