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Posting Guidelines *READ FIRST*

Hello everyone,


Going forward, we will be locking the “LMG Sponsor Complaints” thread. Instead, sponsor complaints can be posted as individual, standalone threads in the LMG Sponsor Discussion subforum.


Please follow these steps when making complaints regarding sponsors.


  1. Create a New Thread.


  1. Title of the post/thread should be “[Name of Brand] - [Summary of Complaint]”


  1. Did this issue happen to you or someone else?


  1. Describe your issue.


  1. Have you tried solving your issue through the brand’s customer support channels? If so, what was the result?


  1. What would an ideal resolution of your issue look like? Please include any supplementary photos to add context and clarity.



The reason for the change came after asking ourselves what we believed the thread was for, as well as wanting to keep things a bit organized. In short, our job here is to ensure the brands we work with look after our community. 


We aim to work with the best brands that we can. However, that doesn’t mean we agree with every single employee, policy, or action from that brand. We are not the moral overseers of the tech world. For example, if Apple approached us with a sponsorship for ShortCircuit, we would be open to it, despite having issues with their business model in the past (Eg. Their right to repair policy).


We want to keep the focus on helping our community members reach resolutions with sponsors they may have problems with. This means keeping a focus on those that are customers of brands we work with. We also want to make sure that the proper channels have been followed before coming to us for assistance.


This new formatting will add clarity and help us keep track of problems on a brand by brand basis. This makes it easier for account leads to reference issues when we talk with our brands. It allows us to direct our contacts to one spot to assist where they can, while we monitor the conversation so we can monitor until we see the brand find a solution we find reasonable.


When we work with brands, our scripts and talking points must properly portray a product. If the product is something that you do not like or wish to purchase, that is totally up to you. If enough people aren’t interested and don’t buy from a sponsor, they won’t want to work with us in the end anyway. Being disinterested in a product does not merit a post in this subforum.


Our goal has never been to burn bridges with brands. Just because we’ve stepped away from sponsors doesn’t mean we’ve cut communication with them. We believe it’s beneficial for everyone if we work with the brand to fix whatever it was that made us step away from them. Some things we know take more time, such as full-on platform changes or reworking customer support systems. We care more that the brand is doing right by its customers and striving to fix issues, rather than “fix it now.” If we see enough improvement from a brand, we are open to resuming partnership with them. Our company isn’t perfect, and our brand partners aren’t always perfect. We care more about seeing improvement, and our partners taking care of the community.


The purpose of this update is to clarify what the Sponsor Complaints thread is for and to cut down on posts that make it harder for us to help you. This board is a place for problems and solutions. To reiterate what Colton’s original post on the thread says: 


This thread is focused on sponsor complaints related to personal product purchases, or first-hand experiences with one of LMG’s active sponsors. We will make every effort to help address these issues, but please note that we can’t respond to and help with everything, and some resolutions will take significant amounts of time to resolve. 


While LMG greatly appreciates and respects community input, we reserve the right to partner with the companies we feel right promoting. We'd like to thank everyone for all the support.”


Any posts that do not follow the guidelines outlined in this post are subject to removal.

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