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  1. I will be playing games only I idle around 38-45 and only seen 50-65 when gaming I want to try get lower voltages/temps and similar peformance
  2. I just picked up this CPU coming from a i5 7600k I want to lower the voltage/temperatures of the CPU as I believe stock setting run a little high What is the best options 1. Setting a negative voltage offset 2. Manual OCing (I only want to get between 4.0-4.1Ghz) If I manual OC, what voltage should I be aiming at roughly. Should I disable/change PBO or other settings? Besides Core Voltage, should I change voltage of any other settings? Also is there a setting where the frequency can step down when not under load and increase when needed inste
  3. maka0


    Yeah, I will try to swap it I'm looking at a Corsair 750rmx (2018)
  4. maka0


    Why would I return the GPU?
  5. maka0


    I do have one waiting to be used in a build.
  6. I've seen some posts here and else where about this line of PSU from EVGA Most of the people have seemed to pair this PSU with a 3080 or 3090 and are having issues Would paring a GA 850w with a 3070 be an issue? There is about 100-150w difference between a 3070 - 3080/3090 Any here own a GA PSU? Are they decent for the system you are using it in? I cannot seem to find an actual review anywhere and this line up has been out for some time
  7. Here in Australia there is hardly anything in stock for 5600x ($500) I can however get a i7 10700k ($485) Is it worth buying Intel or waiting until stock comes available for AMD or waiting until Intel 11th gen Will there be a big improvement from 10th gen to 11th gen Intel (I know it's hard to judge with no benchmarks for 11th gen) Going AMD will also allow for PCIE gen4 though I really want be utilising the slots (besides a GPU) The system will for gaming at 1440p 165hz