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  1. Thanks, I believe this is also the correct way to fix the bracket The first picture is from the manual showing how to mount the radiator
  2. Hi, Does anyone know the right way to mount the brackets onto the cold plate. The instructions from the manual do not seem to helpful when there are two different photos showing two different things! If you were to follow the bracket lines from the middle, the first photo bracket curves in towards the top screw. While the second photo the bracket curves out towards the top screw This is from the rev4 manual for AMD4 I've had a look at other peoples builds and they seem to be 50/50... Gamers Nexus looks to be following the first photo from the vi
  3. If anyone is intersted Switching to the second bios (silent) showed it had F10 version installed When I switched back to first bios (OC/performance) it showed F12 Turns out I did install the correct bios and my method of checking worked. Wanted to get resizeable bar
  4. I believe I have installed the wrong F version on my Gigabyte 3070 OC I updated the OC bios, if I flick the bios to silent and check the f version on that, will that confirm which f version I originally had? I want to say the original f version was F10, so that would mean I would need F12 I didn't see this part in red on the website F1, it can only be updated with VBIOS versions F2-F9. F10, it can only be updated with VBIOS versions F11-F19. F20, it can only be updated with VBIOS versions F21-F29. (This is directly from the website, wh
  5. Hi, My friend was informing me he was struggling to get his AIO heatsink on yesterday and had to remove it once and try again before finally managing to screw it down He asked if he should have re-applied the thermal paste, I said it should be fine because it was yet to be used and he didn't spread the paste out with pressure across the IHS during his first attempt. I just told him to check his temperatures in HWInfo. FYI. AIO did not have pre-applied thermal paste.
  6. My issue was not having my monitors turned on first. I would boot my PC then turn my monitors on at the power point
  7. I have ordered a Arctic 280mm AIO So I will wait and see!
  8. I have enabled PBO with the following PPT 140 TDC 95 EDC 113 Curver Optimiser set to negative 15 And I have seen a increase in peformance compared to stock PPT, TDC, EDC + CO Question, I like to run my PC when Power Saver Mode when doing idle tasks, reddit/youtube/downloading/etc and change the Balanced when gaming/editting Will running the above PPT, TDC, EDC + CO cause any stability issues in Power Saver Mode? Will I only see stability issue if I start to raise PPT, TDC, EDC beyond stock ?
  9. Okay with all this in mind What is your recommendation for Ryzen 5000 in regards to PBO - PPT TDC EDC, curve optimiser vs stock settings?
  10. Are you using the Asus Strix B550-F motherboard? If so, does it clear the M.2 heatsink fine? What revision number are you using and are you using the offset?
  11. Hi, I am looking at buying the Arctic Liquid Freezer II 280mm However my concern is the compatibility issue with my motherboard. Will the AIO interfere with any capacitors? Will the having the AIO on the offset screws cause interference with the M.2 heat sink and capacitors? I have seen the offset provides better temps than standard mount What revision of this AIO should I get, rev1, rev2, rev3, rev4? From my understanding the difference between rev3 and rev4 is dropping the AM3 support, is there any others? Does rev3 and rev4 offer easy mounting comparded to rev1 and
  12. The real question now is, will it keep stability with a lower edc with no curve optimiser?
  13. Will running these PPT, TDC, EDC lower than stock cause stability issues? I've already stability checked all my curve optimiser on default PPT, TDC, EDC... Should I re check my curve for PPT - 135 TDC - 90 EDC - 100 ?
  14. I have found my negative offset for each core Now I want to find the optimal PPT, TDC and EDC with similar performance to stock but hopefully lower voltage and temp I have found keep PPT close to stock 142, gave me best results TDC reducing this gave me worst performance so I left it at stock EDC however, the lower I went the more benefit I got until your hit a certain number Stock values PPT - 142 TDC - 90 EDC - 140 CBR23 score: 20406 AVG voltage: 1.23 Stock values + curve optimiser PPT - 142 TDC - 9
  15. For gaming purpose I found no real gain with PBO + curve optimiser Onlu improvement I found was in CB 23 compared to default I don't like high temperature when gaming, like to keep it under 65 degrees If I use Ryzen Master to set an undervolt of 1.25 @ 4500-4600, and only turn this on whole gaming ... Well this be safe and not cause any damage considering people say ""static is bad, keep in mind for other daily use default stock settings will be used and undervolt @ 4500-4600 for gaming only