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Weekly Sponsor Concerns Update - Dec 1, 2023

Other James

Hope everyone has had a great week. We’re back with another weekly update on some things we saw on the board over the past week.

There is a detailed post breaking down the issues that arise with companies like DeleteMe and Incogni that was crossposted to the sponsorship complaint board. Some of these did come up when we started our initial conversations with DeleteMe, as well as some follow-up from somebody on our team outside of the business department. We are doing a follow-up before starting talks for 2024, as we want to make sure that we have clear and concise answers/explanations to the concerns brought up in the post.

Secret Lab
We did eventually get someone from Secret Lab in the forum to see if we could help with the warranty and quality issues a few of you had faced with Secret Lab. We had even expressed to them what a resolution would look like in our eyes. We still intend on doing a post-mortem with our contact to see why they were unable to help, but as it stands, this was not the result we were hoping for, and we do expect better.

There were also a couple of links that weren’t working initially on a couple of our videos. We truly do always appreciate being informed about this so we can get in touch with our partners ASAP to sort out.

We hope you all have a good week and weekend, and we’ll be back next Friday.

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