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Psensor vs Adrenalin differences re GPU hotspot temps?

I've got an RX 7800XT and I've recently been moving from gaming on Windows to gaming on Linux (Mint 21.3 MATE). I've noticed that, when gaming in Windows, AMD Adrenaline reports my GPU hotspot temp as usually 20C cooler than Psensor reports GPU hotspot. (65C vs 85C). But, the general GPU temp is usually around the same in both (around 55C). Does Adrenalin report GPU hotspot temps differently than Psensor? I'm getting fairly similar temps across everything else between Windows and Linux while under load (gaming), it's just the hotspot temp that's really off between the two.


 For example, in Helldivers 2, my GPU is going 100% on both Windows and Linux, but Adrenalin reports around 65C but Psensor reports 85C.

 Any ideas as to why there's such a difference?

System Specs: Second-class potato, slightly mouldy

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