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  1. SOLVED! Solution found at https://eu.community.samsung.com/t5/tv/i-can-t-connect-my-nintendo-switch-to-samsung-tv/td-p/1651871 Not sure if you’ve solved this but here what I did. 1. Unplug everything from the TV. 2. Remove power plug (I waited 10 minutes). 3. Plug TV in and reset TV by holding power button on remote until Samsung logo comes up. 4. Verify HDMI settings are correct in system settings. 5. Plug in Switch (I used HDMI 1) and power on
  2. I've tried all the hdmi ports with various different cables (including the cable the Switch came with), but that hasn't worked.
  3. Hi everyone, Looking for a bit of help. I have a Samsung UN55RU8000FXZC TV and a Nintendo Switch. Recently, I purchased Skyward Sword HD and the Switch did an update, but now the TV goes crazy whenever the Switch is connected via HDMI. Symptoms include: switching between "Game Mode On" and "Game Mode Off," random and frequent disconnects where TV doesn't detect any signal, sudden black screen for a few seconds before picture returns. I tried swapping out Skyward Sword for a different game and got the same result, so I know it's not the game card. TV firmware has been updated, but
  4. 100km today in 5 hours and 8 minutes. A bit smokey, but the air quality report said it was fine. I think the smoke is higher up in the atmosphere. Also coming off a sprained wrist. Total this year: 694km
  5. Had a Windows 95 machine way back in the before-times that suffered some kind of problem whereby the motherboard overheated to the point of melting. Also had a printer that was possessed. You know how inkjets make all that noise before they actually print something? This thing was doing that for hours before I finally pulled the plug from the wall... and it kept going for another 5 minutes.
  6. And Linus (no, not that one) said unto the community, "Let there be distros. Go forth and multiply." And lo, there were enough distros to placate the multitude until the 7th generation. For those coming specifically from a Windows environment, I highly recommend Mint. (I run the MATE desktop, but keep in mind that I am a weirdo and most people prefer Cinnamon). I switched around 2015 because I wanted out of the data collection in Windows 10 and I've never looked back. 99% of what I do (mostly web surfing, video streaming, word processing, spreadsheets, exciting stuff) is on Linux and it
  7. I picked up OOT MQ a long time ago for the Game Cube but only played it for the first time recently and just finished it now. (I usually just played vanilla OOT). Basically, it's just OOT with different dungeons, though the boss fights are the same. The game feels very rom-hacky and unpolished; Lord Jabu Jabu's Belly is certainly a sign of that with all the cows sticking out of the walls. I managed to go up until the Spirit Temple without using a guide, but there were two parts I couldn't figure out. While I liked fighting more Iron Knuckles, MQ buggers you about too much. There's
  8. That would be in line with the Sony A7S cameras. So long as it's a relatively recent model, 12MP full frame should do alright.
  9. The traditional wisdom is bigger sensor + lower resolution.
  10. Linus, mate, I thank you. You've made me never ever ever want to do IOT stuff ever. Also, this reminded me of something when I was looking to potentially buy a house: never renovate your house in order to sell it because there's a very good chance that the buyers will just rip everything out to suit their own tastes. Obviously, certain things make sense, like the roof, maybe the windows, repairs, and such, since these are things that may need to be done regardless of your taste. But when it comes to anything aesthetic, people will likely tear our whatever is already there and put
  11. 62km today. Had a doctor's appointment and the gf has the car today for work, so I biked the 13km to the doctor's office. Took a very roundabout way home. I don't recall what my ride time was, though. Stopped at my favourite Japanese place for some chicken curry and gyoza to bring home for dinner. Total this year: 594km
  12. My guess would be the ISS. I'm big into night sky photography and you know when the ISS passes overhead.