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Computer shutting down and restarting without a bluescreen


My computer shuts down and restarts without a bluescreen when i play Escape from Tarkov. I haven't really played anything else for a while, but i downloaded cyberpunk and went AFK in a roundabout for 18 hours and it was fine, i also ran the OCCT powertest for 1 hour without any problems.

Sometimes it takes a few hours until it crashes, but if i try reconnecting as fast as possible after a crash it usually crashes again in less then 1 second as if something is overheating and did not have time to cool down(?) but GPU, CPU and RAM is watercooled and temps seem fine in HWiNFO64



CPU: 12900KS (Direct die watercooling)

RAM: 32GB G-Skill 6600Mhz (F5-6600J3440G16GX2-TZ5RK) (watercooled)

Motherboard: Z690 Apex

GPU: 3090 Strix OC (Watercooled)

SSD: 2* WD Black SN850

Power supply: Seasonic Prime TX 1000

OS: Windows 11, fully updated

Other specs: Logitech G pro superlight mouse, Rode Podcaster USB Microphone, High flow next flowmeter, Streamdeck XL


No overclock on anything, everything is running stock speeds and RAM is running without XMP.

Newest bios version and latest drivers for GPU, Network, Sound, Chipset, "SerialIO", Intel MEI & ME.

Newest firmware for GPU,Mouse,M2s,flowmeter and streamdeck
I have reinstalled windows several times

I have tested my PSU with a PSU tester (The one with the screen thats sold under a lot of different brands) and the values are fine and does not move at all.


I am attaching a picture of the event viewer between two crashes.


Not sure if this is related in any way, but I have also had some problems with my microphone where it just stops working in discord, and no amount of changing device in discord/windows solves it, only a restart fixes it.


Thanks in advance 🙂


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Sounds to me like an issue with the CPU or Ram, CPU would seem more probable as you do have it direct die cooling which can cause some issues, but ram is also a major player in the error logs you're getting. I'd run a memtest86 and let it run for at least two passes, another good test would be to try a different kit entirely to see if it fixes the crashing. If it still does and there are no errors I'd say your CPU is most likely borked from the direct die job.

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Phone: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 - Phantom Black 512GB |


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Hmmm could be any number of things...,you said you've reinstalled windows if that's so we can rule out corrupted drivers or registry's for now..Spookys point might be something to look into, small errors in direct die contact can cause havoc.

Have you tried unplugging all unnecessary devices like your steam deck and usb mic? anything you don't physically need to run and play games, if you try that and have nomore issues then you can plug them back in one by one until the issue presents itself again.


You went to pretty extreme measures to cool the CPU, and even the ram but don't run any overclock? Just personally curious, an ascetic thing maybe?

Ryzen 5800X3D(Because who doesn't like a phat stack of cache?) GPU - XFXRXXT

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