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My buddy and I have tried a lot of stuff in the past to try to fix my random stutters that happen. Like audio gets all glitchy and the game like tanks down to like 10fps for a solid like 3 seconds then it goes away. But it usually fucks with my mic too afterwards by turning off noise suppression on discord and just disabling my mic outright until I change the input off and back on.


I honestly don’t know what else we can try. 
but my specs are:

Ryzen 5600x

32gb of 3600mhz of ddr4 ram

Asus ROG STRIX B550-F board

MSI 2060 Oc 

750 watt psu.

2 m.2’s and a sata ssd (idk if these are significant)

any help on potential fixes cause it’s really annoying as it it genuinely just random it has no leading factor to when it happens.



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