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Suspected packet loss in league of legends

I want to ask if anyone had knowledge with how to track packetloss between a PC and the modem/router or even to a game client, in this case specific to League of legends. So we are 4 guys, all using ethernet cable playing LoL together, at random times one or more "disconnects" (we can still see everything happening, taking damage, teammates getting taken out, but we cant do any action ourselves). Just like we can receive packets, but we cant send them to the server or game client how ever that works.


We only see this problem in LoL, we play a dusin other games without any issues.


Our connection is fiber, 1000/1000. Router and switches can handle 1G, same as all PC's we have. If needed I can gather the specs for each PC. 


But what I want to check next is if packet loss occurs when the issue pops up, and why is it only some of us and only in that game.


Also got mentioned too many devices sending data, could lead to this. Anyone can confirm or deny this? Or give more details?


Any ideas? I'm ready to investigate, cause this is turning me crazy. 

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