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B450M-A PRO MAX Huge Issues, no Signal to Monitor !


I recently bought the following specs to build a small PC but since it is my FIRST AMD PC am having lots of issues !...

AMD Athlon 3000G 3.5GHz Dual-Core Quad-Thread Tray Processor CPU YD3000C6M2OFH AM4 Socket
RTX 3090 GPU

everything is connected just fine as i built several PCs in the past, i tried connecting an HDMI cable from both the GPU and/or the motherboard to the Monitor: No Signal on Monitor !...
Again tried connecting from GPU HDMI to Monitor: No Signal !
Connecting from GPU DP to Monitor: Same Thing !

I then read somewhere that i need to Flash the BIOS so i followed this guy's tutorial:
MSI B450-A Pro MAX USB BIOS Flash Guide M Flash Without CPU - YouTube

The LED will flash few times only then turn static White for 10 Minutes+

I tried everything possible for first day of troubleshooting and honestly am starting to regret buying an AMD probably should've stick with INTEL from now one...

Please suggest to me what i should do next to get a signal on my monitor...


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That athlon is actually a bottleneck for that 3090. Plug into the motherboard video since it has onboard graphics.

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