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Kernel processor power 37 and Kernel-power 41 critical error help

Hello everyone, i am a happy owner of a newbuild pc, but i have a problem...


sometimes i get a grey screen where i can't do anything and have to restart a pc from the case to get it working again.

Kind people from this forum told me to look in the event manager, i did and i saw 72 (total) critical errors kernel 41, and several kernel processor power error 37

I looked at my pc when it boots up, and i see a red light every time, consistant, then yellow, and then white and it boots up okay.


the only problem is that pc crashes sometimes... What can i do to solve it?

PC Specs.

intel i7 12700k

MSI mech amd rx6600xt gpu

Corsair rgb vengeance pro ddr4 3200mhz 16gb X 2

MSI Z690-A pro ddr4 wi fi

Corsair H150i elite capelix 360mm aio

Corsair RM850 gold 80+ power supply

Samsung odessey G7 27 inch monitor

Windows 10 pro  (cloned) not original, not key activated, the master did it, and i live in a 3rd world country, so i didn't pay 100+ $ for it.


Power plan is on high performance, processor min,max is set to 100%


I just can't get rid of it... when i play games it's fine... please help.


Screenshot (3).png

Screenshot (4).png

Screenshot (5).png

Screenshot (6).png

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