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Weirdness with 980 Pro/5600X

First off Specs
5600X / NH-D15

Asus Tuf 570 Pro (Wifi)
2x 2x16Gb GSkill F4-3600C18-166GVK (18-22-22-22-42 1.35v) (2 are Hynix 2 are Samsung)

XFX 6700XT QICK 319
980 Pro (1Tb)
Crucial P2 (1Tb)

Crucial MX100 (256Gb)
Corsair AX860i (2016)

So I have this very weird situation.  When I load up certain games on my 980 Pro (Halo Infinite, No Mans Sky) they boot up and can sometimes play them then I get a hard lock (Whea Error) and get lots of graphical errors on screen.  I found out how to reproduce the error using benchmarks/stress tests.
I can run Crystal Disk Mark on my 980 Pro and not have problems, downloading games can do at 1.5Gbps, transfer files.
From the vid you can see the computer only crashes under this very specific circumstance as all components need to be used at once.
This happens with or without over/under-clocking/stock.  Changing to PCI-e Gen 3 doesn't help
My Crucial P2 did recently start crashing while gaming (as that is where I put games that crashed on 980 pro) and disappeared from BIOS, now is working fine and no crashing on the MX100.
I don't have any extra hardware to test with.

I'm thinking something is wrong with the CPU at this point.  Also I used to get these numbers in MaxxMem²

Read 48-50,000 MBytes/s

Write 28-30,000 MBytes/s

Copy 50-54,000 MBytes/s
Now its

Read 35-40,000 MBytes/s

Write 26-28,000 MBytes/s

Copy 48-50,000 MBytes/s

crashing started around the same time the numbers dropped
Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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Show us the SMART data, but sounds like a dying drive.

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Here is a benchmark of the 980 Pro using a 64gb file (105gb free) and the smart data (Samsung Magician).  Can play grounded on the drive without issues

This was just benchmarked (after the crashes)

980 Pro Benchmark 64x4.png

980 Pro SMART Data.csv

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