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LTTStore.com Newsletter in the Forum


Hey @LinusTech,

I was just watching the recent WAN show, where you briefly showed the newsletter about the screwdriver.

I would really like to read it - just not in my email inbox.

Every LTT video has a forum post about it. Why not the newsletter?

To me it seems blatantly obvious that the newsletter would only benefit from also being posted as a topic in the forum.

  • It would be easy to find - always in the same place.
  • It would automatically create an archive of all the newsletters - something you have talked about wanting to make in the past.
  • It would allow for discussion about the topic among the community, maybe even including those that worked on the project.

Please consider adding the newsletter to the forum.

Please also publish the previous issues of the newsletters here, as many have missed them.

Thank you.

People previously voiced problems with finding older relases of the newsletter they wanted to re-read.



People were also unsure wheather they missed an issue or if there simply wasn't one. (Easy to verify if there were forum posts.)






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Really clever idea

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