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Issue with LG TV


 so my buddy just got a 4k LG oled tv and were just tinkering with it right now, it seems like his gtx 970 is able to do 4k 120hz through its HDMI port. from what we've gathered it may be a specific revision of his evga 970 that supports it, or is there some other explanation?


it seems to allow me to select 120 4k in nvidia control panel, and i know for a fact that on my own 970 it won't even allow me to exceed 1440p in even DSR mode over hdmi hence my confusion

edit: I actually read somewhere that hdmi 2.0 MAY in some cases actually work for 4k 120. maybe we just got lucky?



also what's up with the hdr setting just disabling without ANY form of error message when it does not work? 

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