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PC Completely Freezes to the point where it needs to be restarted more than once per week

So I built a new pc last summer with a 3070, 5800x, and 16gb g.skill trident z rgb 3600 ram. Over the past few months, I have been experiencing total PC freezes and lockups to the point where I need to restart my PC to do anything. While it is frozen I have tried various keyboard inputs, but nothing works. I have also tried to wait to see if anything happens after a period of time, and still nothing. I have recently updated all my drivers and I am still experiencing these problems. Last night I ran memtest86 and it found 0 errors which leaves me very confused about what to do next. I would appreciate any kind of help or recommendations.

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This could be a lot of things and there's quite a bit of troubleshooting you will need to do to isolate the issue. There is probably a thread dedicated to troubleshooting this type of issue but I'll list a few things off the top of my head below. Try to check these things one at a time so that it's easier to figure out what the issue was if you do fix it:


  • Check system temperatures, if your PC is overheating this could happen
  • Check the Windows System Event Log AFTER rebooting the computer and see if a particular error occurred right before the freeze up
  • Search for your motherboard model online and see if anyone reports any similar issues. IF one of your components is to blame, it's more likely to be the motherboard, although it could be caused by something else too, albeit you're not going to find all that many reports of this kind of issue with a graphics card for example
  • Check for firmware and BIOS updates, note your existing version before updating
  • Check your USB Controllers in Device Manager and navigate to Power Management, disable 'Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power'
  • Disable HDD timeout in power options (Hard disk goes to sleep after: 0 minutes (Never))
  • Reseat your memory
  • Reseat your CPU
  • Reseat the rest of your computer


Just start going through the list, your bound to eventually find something, particularly with the Windows event logs. If there are NO logs whatsoever and the system just freezes out of nowhere, it's probably more likely to be a lower level issue with your hardware or firmware/BIOS. Power could also be a factor.


Also, when do you experience the freeze ups? Can you reproduce the issue more frequently when you are doing a certain type of task? (Such as gaming, web browsing etc)

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