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AIO Gurgling


Hey everyone! I built my first build with an AIO (EVGA CLC 240) a month and a half ago and aside from the normal minor hiccups of getting a new system going it has been working fine. 


However, sometimes when I start the computer up from sleep or shutdown the AIO will make a gurgling noise for about 20-30 seconds. This is not the "chainsaw" noise I have seen posted elsewhere but is still louder than my fans. After the first seconds after startup the noise goes away and everything works normally. My temps are acceptable for a 12900k at stock (23 ambient temp, 25-30 idle, 80 under heavy load) and the AIO is mounted with the radiator screwed into the top panel, completely above the pump. The tubing though does dip below the pump before going up due to space constraints.


Is this something I need to worry about with my AIO unit?

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The "gurgling" normally indicates movement of air in the pump, but if your temperatures are acceptable there's likely not much to worry about.


The only thing I'd consider if lifting/rotating the entire build so, starting first with an orientation where the pump is highest, then turning it following the tubing so until you reach an orientation where the radiator is highest (which for you is upright/normal operation). This may also clear up any debris that's settled in the AIO.


If your radiator is at the top of the case you may have gotten bubbles in the inlet/outlet ports of the radiator. 


In any event, this problem may go away on its own, but there are som steps you can try if you don't min lifting your PC or opening it up to uninstall the radiator and manipulate it a little

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