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G Pro Wireless confusion


Hey, so I was just watching a LTT video from 2019 titled Make your Mouse Better for CHEAP  and am seriously confused on why something like the Razer Basilisk x Wireless wasn't an option, like I got mine a year ago and it has the same 1000hz report rate, better max speed and equivalent max acceleration in comparison to the G Pro Wireless, but I got it for $60 and you can get one now for like $30 on amazon. Please find me things wrong with this mouse why the G Pro is Better and costs the money it does ignoring the 3g weight difference. (and the razer has a dumb amount of battery) I'm not trying to be annoying, just actually curious and if I should upgrade.

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22 minutes ago, NEGC44 said:

Razer Basilisk x Wireless wasn't an option

A quick google search will answer your question


The basilisk X Hyperspeed was first available for purchase in November of 2019

The video LTT made was on the 19th of June in the same year. Not to mention the G305 Light Speed was around 30-40$ or so when they made that video, so even if the Basilisk X had been released around the time of making of the video it still wouldn't have gotten in given that it would be a little while before it got a price cut to match the G305.


Edit: Additionally the G305 Light Speed is consistently cheaper at least in the UK than the Basilisk X when looking at price history.

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