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Core i5 10500 Turbo Boost


I recently purchased a CPU, motherboard & ram combo. The parts are as follows

Intel Core i5 10500 3.1GHz Turbo Boost 4.5GHz
16GB(2x8GB) DDR4 3200 RAM
MSI B460M-A PRO motherboard

very happy with the parts and the performance since I was running a 7th gen dual core CPU with 12GB DDR3 RAM prior to this change.

My issue is with the turbo boost of the CPU. the CPU wont go above 4.2GHz. I have checked the BIOS and the turbo boost is enabled. I have also set the multiplier to 45 for each individual core and the BIOS does mention the 4500MHz max speed.

Windows is fully updated and BIOS is also up to date.

I also could not find any information that mentions if the combination of or individual parts could affect the clock speed in any way.

If anyone has any input or info that could help me understand why the limit is there or how to get to full clock speed i would be very greatful

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Unless you are doing something lightly threaded, the CPU will never reach 4.5GHz. A lot of programs today use 4 cores or more, so you'll instead see 4.2-4.3Ghz.


The way Intel boost behavior works is that the max boost is for one or two cores, then it drops as more cores are used. You can try running a synthetic benchmark like Cinebench or CPU-Z single core tests if you want to see the 4.5GHz number, but in real-world programs and games, you'll almost never see it.

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