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Fans no longer working on mobo, fans are not dead. ASROCK Z490m-ITX/AC.


i need a bit of advice/opinion. i'm almost sick of troubleshooting and about to just buy a new mobo.


long/short - mini ITX build, ASROCK Z490m-ITX/AC, i3 10100 not overclocked, Thermalright AXP 100 copper cooler, single ID-Cooling ZF-12025-pink ARGB 120mm case fan.  ARES 500w atx psu.

No other periphs, just an m.2 and a platter hdd, no gpu, no USB devices pulling power.  This is a mini-ITX build and case, so no options to swap a non-ITX mobo.


so the cpu cooler and fan worked fine, it is HTPC and haven't used it in months, took a look recently and fans aren't spinning anymore. swapped headers, nothing. tried single fan, both headers, nothing. haven't changed any settings. tried fan tuning from BIOS, nothing, no spinny. tried the fans on external AC powered fan plug - fans work fine.


I've never had an issue with fans/fan headers not working so i'm lost.


--step2, tried a SATA powered fan hub - and it just melted my cpu cooler fan wire into a 4 pin extension cable (melted) but mobo fan headers show no damage thankfully. so now i have to try to find a 100mm thermalright fan to replace it.  i haven't tried it again hooked to a display (had it away from the main display and no free ports to easily test) but i powered up with no fans and all lights and such came on, and none of the horrible BIOS beeps when everything is terrible, so it seems my mobo and cpu may be fine until i can tear it apart to check for damages, but that's another potential issue.


any thoughts before i just buy a new damn mobo? :)


i can only imagine some weird windows update or something happened, because i haven't changed the BIOS or any settings from the time they worked until i noticed they were not spinning, but fanTastic(?) saw the fans and ran tests, just came back as 0 rpm since they weren't spinning, so it seemed like the headers were fine, but like, the mobo just wasn't sending them power or something.  again, i'm pretty clueless on "fan technology" so i don't really know where to go from here.  


(i'm not a genius, but i've built my gaming pc's for a couple of decades now and never had any issues, especially one like this)


prices are dumb, and i don't want to have to buy a new ITX mobo right now but that may be an easier option, or if it could potentially be PSU related?  i've had no power issues and draw is super low, so i didn't foresee any PSU issue but again, i'm dumb on fans.


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