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Recommendations for new NAS box


I do video editing for a small companly. At work I have an 8tb WD external usb3 drive for backing up footage. I edit off a seperate SSD.


The 8TB drive is filling up and I need an upgrade. I'd like to go to something that has redundency and more space. Something in the 16tb+ range. It won't be editing off of it, so it doesn't need to be very snappy or do a lot of random access.

I've watched a lot of linus' videos about NAS', but he seems to recommend a different brand in each one. Synology? Qnap? I don't know what to get. 


Is there a good cost balance to be struck between higher capacity drives vs more smaller ones?


First and foremost, I want it to be dead simple and have good software. Second would be cost effectiveness.



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