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My fingers started randomly dragging on my mousepad, maybe it's been going on but I just noticed it or should I get a new mousepad?

Last night I was using my mouse and I just started to notice that my fingers dragged on the mousepad, and in the several years of PC gaming I've done I've never noticed my fingers dragging on the mousepad like this. It's not really affecting my performance in games, it's just really annoying because I either have to have my fingers constantly dragging on the mousepad and slowing my mouse down or gripping my mouse in a way that I'm not comfortable with yet. Do you think I should get a new mousepad or should I just get used to it? My mousepad seems really uneven and the front is kinda lifting up, maybe that's what it is? It seems like it's been like that for a while though and it just started last night. My mouse is a razer basilisk ultimate.

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