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  1. Yeah, might be having a growth spurt but I couldn't be certain since I'm not having any growing pains or anything. I think it might've been tennis since I recently got back into it after several years and it really put some good strain on my arm.
  2. Well I don't even know if it's a medical thing or not, but yeah I wouldn't doubt that it's me. Should I just try to get used to it?
  3. I've been using this mouse (razer basilisk ultimate) for about 3 months now and I'm sure I've not changed anything but all of a sudden it feels really akward to both hold, move, and use. I also feel like I can't use the same grip I was using before because my fingers have started dragging on the mousepad for some reason when they never used to. Is there anything that can be causing this like a worn out mousepad or some sort of injury I don't even know I have?
  4. Last night I was using my mouse and I just started to notice that my fingers dragged on the mousepad, and in the several years of PC gaming I've done I've never noticed my fingers dragging on the mousepad like this. It's not really affecting my performance in games, it's just really annoying because I either have to have my fingers constantly dragging on the mousepad and slowing my mouse down or gripping my mouse in a way that I'm not comfortable with yet. Do you think I should get a new mousepad or should I just get used to it? My mousepad seems really uneven and the front is kinda lifting up
  5. I'm using a razer basilisk ultimate and it kinda feels like it's dragging on my mousepad more than it usually does, but it doesn't look like it has too much wear on it and I've only have it for about 3 months. It only drags when I move it side to side. Should I replace the feet? If I should, how do I?
  6. I already know about the sizes of RAM, but I'm confused about RAM speed. Does it affect gaming performance and/or workstation stuff? How?
  7. Alright I'll probably look into a 3060 Ti then, when I've got the money and GPUs prices aren't nuts. Thank you!
  8. I'm currently saving up about ~$1500 (US) to be able to build myself my first gaming PC in a year or two and although I know that by that time there will be new GPUs and CPUs and other parts out that will drastically change the landscape, I just wanted to get an idea of how strong I need my PC to be to be able to have a consistent 1080p 144hz, or maybe even switch up to 1440p or 4k depending on how strong my GPU and CPU can be in my budget. Would a 2080Ti be enough for 1080p 144hz? What about 1440p 144hz? Any suggestions for a GPU in a $1500 budget? AMD or nVidia, preferably nVidia since I'm m
  9. Personally I wouldn't doubt I can feel them spiritually, I'm so sensitive to framerate drops and spikes as well as high refresh rate.
  10. Well then you shouldn't have a problem, I don't think. I'm not an expert, though.
  11. No that doesn't have anything to do with 144hz. You can use gsync on it anyways if you use a displayport cable, but that's beside the point, that shouldn't be stopping you from using 144hz. What cable are you using to connect your monitor?
  12. No problem. Tell me if I can help with anything else.
  13. Nah I've never used a wireless charger. Didn't even know iPhones had wireless chargers tbh.