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Slow or No POST on Existing Build

Hi all,


Very confused by this development. Built a new PC back in February, worked perfectly, super fast etc. Had to take a break from gaming for a couple of months, so PC was unplugged for about 60 days. During that time I did receive a gpu support bracket and installed it (carefully). Now when I try to boot the PC, it will either take FAR longer than it did prior to POST, or it will not POST at all. It always powers up, fans always spin, rgb comes on, etc. But about 60% of the time it will never post, just sit there. When this occurs, the GPU debug light on the mobo stays lit. If the PC does eventually POST, it will operate with no issues whatsoever from that point forward (so far, knock on wood).


I have tried:

- re-seating the GPU and removing the support bracket

- clearing CMOS

- updating to latest BIOS

- checking every connection in the whole build

- booting without anything connected via USB

- booting with monitors connected to different outputs on the GPU


Nothing has had any effect on this issue. Please advise. Thanks!



- Ryzen 5900x

- RTX 3090 Aorus Master Rev. 1

- 4x8gb 3200mhz Trident Z RAM

- b550 Aorus Pro AC motherboard

- EVGA 850W Gold power supply

- Aorus 360mm aio

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are you tried to reinstall windows or ddu the driver to see if it is helps?

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