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    Music production, digital art, synthesizer of all kinds (modular, semi, non-modular),
    Keyboard, budget friendly hardware, ps2 emulation, game (obviously, but i rarely play games), old java game, hobby electronics...
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    I'm 175 cm btw...
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    ryzen 5 3400g
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    asrock a300
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    ddr4 2666mhz
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    VEGA 11
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    WD blue 1tb, 500gb
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    lenovo hand me down
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    hp m150
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    A couple of budget headphones, "unbranded" usb c dac, Scarlett solo gen 2 (rip), presonus eris 5 (new)
    AliExpress "condenser" usb mic kit

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    Win 10
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    Redmi note 3 pro

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  1. Don't quite have a raw one atm (bcs my mother cooks all of them), but the length should be more or less like this mask box (my hand for raw comparison) And this is what the cooked slice looks like As for why submerged it, well on it's own tempe is like really bland ( when you eat it as is, what you eat is more or less just the texture of it) so it's there to add some salty-ness, and tbh 30 minutes should be enough, you don't have to have lots of salt on the water btw, a tea spoon of salt per glass of water should be sufficient And
  2. Just fyi btw, In Indonesia here, it's fuckin' everywhere, one "block" of tempeh is around $0.20 And some tips if you were to buy and Cook one, try to submerged the tempe slice in water and salt for a good 30-60 minutes before frying
  3. Gigabyte oem chassis, it's a barebone server
  4. Just wake up from sleep and so far so good...
  5. So based on this and your first post, you want a thunderbolt connectivity only for monitor, why not just get a normal displayport/hdmi cable? Why you want to go through the hassle to convert dp/hdmi to ethernet (which is possible) and later to thunderbolt (Which is not possible by any stretch of the imagination) that in the end you eventually going to used some sort of hub and dp/hdmi to connect it to monitor anyway? if you think that was a solution to a problem you have then goof, no need to convert it to thunderbolt, why? 1. It's practically impossible 2
  6. Kinda impossible imo, not only did you have to have thunderbolt chip with it's complementary part and obviously out port you also need to inject displayport signal and other stuff and also have power going on for it, Which on it self already take a good amount of space onto that m.2 board even if you opted to have some sort of cable extension
  7. I'll stay with a win10, probably switch to 11 if i have better hardware and the possibly "early bug" or whatever that might came gone
  8. That's true i guess but i think it's depends, me and my other 2 friends have completely different laptops but have the same ethernet port drop down business going on and none of us experience the tilting of the laptop As for hinges? Well yeah i can see that becomes a problem although o just want to say that, after owning my laptop for 3 years i have yet to have problems with the hinges Oh sure it become "loose" overtime but it still "holds" the ethernet cable fairly well and as far as i concern, that was not a problem plus it's not like i carry my laptop around with an
  9. There's one of those drop down/folding rj45 port, so even if it's "impossible" to fit in the module adding one with the this mechanism should work
  10. Yes and no, my redmi note 3 pro can be called high end when it's launch but 3-4 yrs later?, Not so much Mostly for games and it's also pretty stupid to have phone with latest cpu or whatever and have only 4gb of ram, although going more than 8gb is kinda diminishing returns imo
  11. TIL: there's a programming language named 'R'

  12. And you know the use case of epyc cpu? It's literally not designed to be used on ANY consumer pc