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  1. B450-f is atx motherboard and will fit in most cases, and 4000d airflow or 5000d airflow has very good airflow Or you can check this vid
  2. i suggest you to hold a little more on your budget and get lenovo flex 5 https://www.amazon.com/Lenovo-Processor-Graphics-Included-81X20005US/dp/B086226DDB its touch screen and much much better overall experience
  3. What do you mean by handle? Fit into the motherboard pcie slot? Yes
  4. depens on how bad it is you maybe want to just cut the connector till certain length like till x4 or x8 otherwise i think theres going to be a certain stability problem https://pinouts.ru/Slots/pci_express_pinout.shtml
  5. niche application maybe? i mean if you can spen $300+ on full custom watercooling set up and want to also cool your ram, i guess why not
  6. Does each of them have the same specs? (you don't mention the specific configuration you want) For one, both of them have somewhat similar looking (and supposedly performing) cooler while the only major difference i can get is that the Acer has 2 m.2 slot There's of course other factors like screen and other stuff Edit I would go Acer
  7. Motherboard does not have integrated graphics cpu does and while we're at it not every amd cpu have integrated graphics
  8. Nothing will happen to your system if you're using power supply that are too big wattage wise (except your wallet) Psu don't push power, components suck power
  9. Why would it? The only thing that can be said as "bad combo" is when you spend something so high on one part and so little on the other part So brand is really don't matter I mean a 5800x with 3080 is good combo While ryzen 3 3100 with rx 6900 xt is bad combo
  10. Unfortunately i Don't but I don't think it was far off from each other bcs to be honest, I'm not that interested in laptop gpu anymore for number of reasons but anyway, for Performance i def suggest to watch each one of the laptop you want to buy
  11. If thermal is one of your concern both of those will have enough power to cool down a 3060 and 5800h G15 has a lot of complex heat pipe while legion have a "butt" to support it's overalls bigger heatsink to have better thermal performance (G15) (legion) tho Zephyrus is still overall better Tho it's has one channel of the ram soldered leaving you with only one stick of upgradable ram
  12. If that's your budget there's a asus tuf x570 but why not considered b550?
  13. For one, i might say you're quite lucky some people have the entire socket break into pieces And it's look like you're only having the "top piece" of the socket kinda loose and it's probably kinda easy to replace, just have to figured out how it's go in Anyway can you take a pic of broken top piece? I found this full socket am4 replacement from AliExpress but i don't know how it's going to fix your problems https://m.id.aliexpress.com/item/32818401495.html?trace=wwwdetail2mobilesitedetail All and all, i think you can fix it yourself b
  14. It's probably uses the same front usb type c connector, most modern case have that like Corsair 4000d and 5000d