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Cant record vhs with obs anymore


Why don't you use something that was designed for that role?


For example, try Virtualdub2  with a lossless codec like Magicyuv for example. When you're done, convert the lossless video to mp4 or mkv using handbrake or something else.

Virtualdub2 : https://sourceforge.net/projects/vdfiltermod/files/

Magicyuv (v1.2 free is good enough) : https://www.magicyuv.com/


You'll get the highest quality possible and the video and audio properly in sync and so on.. and would also allow you to do some processing like cropping crap from the edges of the image, deinterlacing etc..


Those usb capture cards are kinda shitty, but they'll do the job.  I used to use a Leadtek tv tuner with one of the latest chipsets of that time, which had very good quality (10bit vs 8 bit like most cheap tv tuners).

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