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HELP!! Programs keep crashing and dont run on my pc.

Every now and then the software/programs on my pc keep crashing, not run at all or open for a bit then stop working or close. 

I just reinstalled the OS after the latest update was released. 13th may 2021.

PC did crash once after the update. Gave the same issue of programs not working.  (went blank for few minutes till i restarted the PC) Then I reinstalled the whole OS. Solved issue for the day.  same issue now every now and then. The crashing issue gets solved after a restart, and everything works properly sometimes.



Ryzen 7 2700x 
8+8  GB Ram

Asus Tuf b450m Plus 

Win 10 Pro 64 bit

Version 20H2 


"" Was an SSD "A" problem (MAYBE).  Switched SSD from my laptop and now seems to work fine. app installed on that "A" SSD does not work on my desktop. (laptop shows no issues running on that SSD.) ""
             Tried using the SSD "A" as secondary storage on desktop but there are some performance issues:-  installed games not working (trying to reinstall to recheck), minor laggy performance.



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could probably be your hardware. What program are you trying to run & are you not using a GPU?

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