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Damaged motherboard traces, but "fixed"

So I bought this motherboard about 4 months ago and declared it dead when I put it all together and the motherboard wouldn't boot past the DRAM stage, I though something was seriously wrong and I couldn't RMA it. I bought a much cheaper motherboard that wouldn't let me overclock my cpu at all and I lived with it for bit and just got over it. Then I just wanted to look at the board. I noticed it looked the there was a scratch right next to the RAM slots, so I remember fixing some old DDR3 ram by using a pencil and just coating the top of some traces and it fixed them so I did it to this board and now it's just revived.  I'm not sure how long it will last, and I'm wondering if there are any effects I should worry about by doing this. Anybody know? Or does graphite on a trace permanently fix it? Oh yeah there was also a missing pin but I think it was a dummy pin.IMG_20210422_013200.thumb.jpg.5ccc778957411c444ddd85e0367a1557.jpg

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I honestly wouldn't put much faith into it since those squiggly traces are length matched, impedance matched and spaced to maximize signal integrity/timing and minimize noise radiated from them. I honestly have no clue as to what effect graphite plays on all that as I have never looked at graphite as a conductor. 


I highly doubt graphite could be used as a permanent fix but as long as you're not doing anything mission critical with it and you follow good backup practices you'll probably be okay using it as is.



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It won't last forever, and forget any xmp probably, but it's better than nothing if you can't use a probe point and a wire to jumper over the damage. (With solder ofc)

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