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  1. So some quick notes that hopped out to me as soon as I looked. Move the object using the character controller (CC) and not the rigid body (RB). Rigid body is great for when you want it to interact somehow with other things as a physics object, but trying to use it to navigate about the world is a nightmare to say the least. The other thing is you're trying to set the movement using BOTH the RB and the CC so you're going to get some really funky movement. Your move command should look exactly like this. controller.Move(moveDir.normalized * speed * Time.deltaTime); Onto the
  2. I agree with @Eigenvektoron this. Definitely need more context on this one. I would post up your entire movement script so that we can actually figure out whats wrong and not simply guess at what the issue is. In case you've never dealt with game math before see below. Here's an excellent primer for coordinate systems, Linear Algebra and Vector mathematics. A lot of the time when you're programming you don't need to understand the math you just have to understand how to implement it, but with anything game, graphics or physics related you have to know the math. https
  3. Left hand drill bit. I used them all the time working on vehicles when a seized bolt breaks off. Go in super straight, once the bit catches the bolt it should pull out. There are other options for screws such as an impact driver (not the power tool but the tool that you hammer that creates a twisting action) but I don't think hammering on a card is a good idea. Also lightly spray some penetrating oil onto the screw. Just dont forgot to really clean it up with isopropyl afterwards.
  4. I would also add it really depends on who you're working for and what you're doing. I know a few of devs where their systems are pretty average gaming computers then I also know a few where they kinda went ham on everything.
  5. I haven't used a Pi in a long time but I am with the other people here where you're going to run into CPU bottlenecks long before you run out of RAM.
  6. @FakeKGBIs correct. The fact that the key is on the right hand side of the connecter and there is 4 contacts after the key on the insertion side.
  7. I have that same keyboard but with the G keys on the side. Mine uses Cherry MX brown key switches which are supposed to be tactile but non clicky sounding. I find they're quiet enough to not be picked up by my Mod Mic provided I do a little bit of tuning with the minimum activation level. I don't stream but I do play online a lot and no one has complained to me so far about going ham on the keys.
  8. In more recent news Google has announced its new revenue stream... the human power cell.
  9. Hmm I'll to give it a go once I have some free time since it sounds like it could be very useful. Is it similar to Auto Hotkey at all?
  10. Best buy doesn't run their own hosting servers. Best buy uses the CDN provider Akamai Technologies and more than likely they will have a few locations hosting the site. When i use trace route I can see it brings me to the ip address of which is based in Vancouver, Canada. I am sure you will find that once you run a trace route that it will give you another different IP for somewhere else on continent. So really you can't get any closer because they have datacenters all over.
  11. What you're looking for is something like the Java Native Interface or JNI. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Java_Native_Interface. I have never used it personally but I am assuming that it doesn't handle C++ name mangling since a lot of native interfaces across multiple languages expect C interfaces. So you may have to wrap the C++ function calls with extern C. I could be wrong about the name mangling issues but either way it lets you invoke C/C++ functions from Java. edit: a more specific website. (No idea on validity of just did a quick google search.) https://www3.ntu.edu.sg
  12. If you're pretty confidant that the PC is done you could always odor bomb it. Seal it in plastic and set one of those off and it kills any smells. I had a RX-7 in my garage that I bought from a scrap yard that had forest/ecosystem growing inside the cab. I wrapped it poly and taped it up then set off an odor bomb and it no longer smelled. https://www.amazon.com/Dakota-OBNA-5-Bomb-Eliminator-Neutral/dp/B006T1RBGA/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=dakota+odor+bomb&qid=1614635585&sr=8-1
  13. I honestly don't think its possible with any CPU without massively re-engineering the MC server application.
  14. I use this daily. You can use a home to connect to pro or greater but not the other way around.
  15. lol. My buddie that flew up from Mexico a couple years ago had the same reaction. Dude never seen snow before and then we took him skiing at Jasper lol. Its just free drift lube. I love throwing my truck in 4Hi and disabling traction/stability control and yeeting it around every corner. I love taking every single backstreet I can after a snowfall.