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About fanman1980

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  • CPU
    ryzen 7 3700x
  • Motherboard
    asus tuf gaming x570 plus wifi
  • RAM
    32 gb 3600 4x8gb tridentz rgb
  • GPU
    rx 5700 xt taichi
  • Case
    cyber power c series et 8300 salvaged case that i like bc cd drive
  • Storage
    2x 1 tb wd blue 1 x 860 evo 1 tb 1x 500gb wd black
  • PSU
    800 watt thermal take tough power rgb
  • Display(s)
    lg 27gl600f lg 27gl850 dell st2210
  • Cooling
    corsair h100i with noctua fans
  • Keyboard
    razer blackwidow elite
  • Mouse
    g502 lightspeed
  • Sound
    sony sscs5 in front klipsch promedia speakers in back yamaha sub yamaha rx-v385 gaming reciever and onkyo tx-sv434 hi-fi reciever technics m205 tape drive
  • Operating System
    windows 10 home
  • Laptop
    surface pro 7/ dell inspiron 6000
  • Phone
    iphone xr/ iphone 6

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  1. happy too say just finished my maintenece on my tv and now its almost done gunna be great for my commodore 64
  2. thanks i am confident in my abilities. i just want to make sure i doing it correctly
  3. i turned it on today but for no more than an hour and i need to know if i can discharge it using the screwdriver under the anode
  4. can you find me a driver for it bc i cant i use windows 7 ultimate 64 bit
  5. gives me a page not found error
  6. i also have an amd hd 8570 1gb could that have support for windows 7
  7. so trying this has failed beacuse it is designed for vista and the xp one failed too i have windows 7
  8. i cant launch it the igpu has no direct x support and yes i use optifine this is an sff pc for my rv my main rig has 32gb of ram ryzen 7 3700x and an rx5700xt
  9. also i am planning on a gt710 for a gpu bc sff and i need vga and hdmi so yeah and i need open gl and direct x for minecraft
  10. i upgraded a crappy dell optiplex 755 to an e8400 and windows 7 ultimate but i cant download the driver for the cpu can someone help me get the drivers for this cpu on windows 7.
  11. ill take pictures with my phone if it helps
  12. yes sorry about the pics i found that the orange and black wires are the load wires brown is nothing and the blue wires are shorted and yes it is a step down transformer
  13. i pulled a tronformer out of an old boombox i have a multimeter and i need help identifying where the low voltage is
  15. my friends are 4 hours behind my time zone i i needed help testing ip's it works now so i dont need any more help