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  1. So I bought this motherboard about 4 months ago and declared it dead when I put it all together and the motherboard wouldn't boot past the DRAM stage, I though something was seriously wrong and I couldn't RMA it. I bought a much cheaper motherboard that wouldn't let me overclock my cpu at all and I lived with it for bit and just got over it. Then I just wanted to look at the board. I noticed it looked the there was a scratch right next to the RAM slots, so I remember fixing some old DDR3 ram by using a pencil and just coating the top of some traces and it fixed them so I did it to this board a
  2. So I was having trouble with this motherboard a while back and didn't realize, till now after I had bought another one, that the current one was not reading my ram at all wouldn't even boot so now I just saw some brown over the pcb on this mobo and so I remember watching a video, it may have been Linus or Jay, but they said that graphite like from a pencil will help "fix" those traces. Not sure if this is gonna work but I'm hoping for the best. Update: it works I don't why but I was going to destroy this mobo and it also has a missing pin. I just decided since the only other one th
  3. Well if that is what that means then yeah it's a bios lockout I guess
  4. Xtu won't let me access anything at all. None of the option are changeable.
  5. There's not really a point to taking a screenshot though.
  6. There isn't even any power limit settings in my bios. Like nothing at all about it. It's split into three sub categories Voltage, Dram, and cpu configuration.
  7. So I bought a 10850k and an msi motherboard on ebay... I have always bought off of ebay because I can't get parts from newegg or amazon from where I am, so I plugged everything in and nothing worked the mothernoard had a bent pin and so I thought it was a motherboard issue. Well I bought another motherboard on ebay and it didn't even turn on like nothing at all. Well after that I went to a store way out in town and just got a whatever motherboard that would work with my cpu. Well the motherboard turned on and the cpu got hot but there was no post, not even after I added a video card. I went on
  8. RIP indeed. I am so fucked. I can't even get a new for at least another month or so.
  9. lol I have and I think it some kind of power delivery pin because there is no boot
  10. nevermind I broke it. It is lost forever in the hall of gaming Valhalla.
  11. I have definitely seen this videos but this pin is like bent in on itself and almost twisted so I am really scared. Do you know if they break easily?
  12. Well I have fixed my fare share of cpu pins from AMD but never have I successfully fixed a motherboard pin from Intel so I am here to ask what the best way to fix these pins is. I have an ifixit kit with the tweaser things but I am kind of afraid to fix this issue without first consulting trained people so I am here to ask how I do such a thing.
  13. nevermind just found a bent pin and have no idea how to fix it.
  14. well I don't have any way to get any other pc part any time soon so most of that is out of the question but everything looks completely fine, the cpu looks good pins on the motherboard look good so I guess I'll have to go like 2 hours on he weekend to Hiroshima to go find a cpu if the stores are even open still.
  15. so I just got all my parts for my pc build and I couldn't get my pc to post. I haven't built in a while but I tried all the old stuff I used to do. I took only the cpu and motherboard with the cooler and tried to see if it would post and nothing came up then I tried a stick of ram and then a graphics card still no post the only thing I have is a white led for the cpu and that's it. All the parts are new and were hard to come by so idk what is wrong with them or if I did something wrong. Also is there a way to get post codes on this motherboard because if so I have no idea how. Anybody got any
  16. It sounds like a pair issue to me. You could try reconnecting all the connectors. If that doesn't work I'd buy a new power supply. If the power button also isn't working maybe try the case's power connector, just reconnect that.
  17. one, I bought it on ebay so warranty is likely non existent, two I don't use metric so I can't tell what a millimeter is from a centimeter its all just tiny to me, three..... I'm not sure if there are sub surface traces either but that's what I am here to find out
  18. So I have a super small case and graphics card that is almost half the size of the case, can't get a graphics card where I am. So I had to settle for an ebay card but didn't get scalped. Either way the card fits except for the sli port it sticks out like an extra 5 mm or so and I was wondering if it would hurt the card to sand it down a bit. the pcb on the port extends much further than the gold connectors so I am assuming it would be fine.
  19. So I have a super small case, the Ncase M1. I only could get a couple GPU's for this case and the specs on my RTX 2080 super is basically over the line for the size. I bought aa 180 degree 8 pin pci-e rizer for the power connectors and I had to deshroud the gpu but tje sli bridge is like 8 mm wider than the rest of the pcb on the gpu, I was thinking about shaving down the sli connector because the metal pins on the sli pcb has a ton of room from the edge but I was wondering if it would cause issues. obviously there are no traces but I have no idea what this would do to the card. Any ideas?
  20. I did that now but why would it disconnect my D drive and not my C drive?